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Aubs 1971 hilman hunter

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So she started up fine today. Took down the street and she conks out. It reminded me of all my bikes and older cars so i though was the carb. Ohh pulled the bowl off and was like ehh whats this sacrifice a lamb to the dark arts is this...

So with a bitta confusion i call a smarter mate than i. He in 5mins gets running almost perfect. And drove down the street perfectly was stoked. Then when she warmed up satrted playn up. So we found the points are shot. 

Hahhaha oh well bit of a learning curve. So will find some new points but atlest ive driving it feeling mint. So i know it will soon enuf


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So today ran off a motorbike tank and reved and idled fine. So im prety sure the tank is yuk. Or old fuel maby.

Comes after 2 days of somtimes running ok then ruff. Then ok 

Dose anyone know of any ways to drain a hilma hunter fuel tank hahah

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Ohk bit random..

Turns out spark and timming was the issue.

Got this kit for 35buks

Points were toast.

Put new kit in. Started mint ran well drove well. Stoked as.

So now ill buy some new leads.

Prob buy a new coil so i knw all is mint too.

Then a service.

But drove round block couple times felt good


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Oh we had our 1st little outta town trip. Just to bunnythorpe and bak down the back way back to palmy behind airport. Never got hot or any issues prety happy. Felt solid.



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