Mattt's 1970 RT80 12A Bridgeport TEQ Corona

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New tyres and spacers on. 

This thing just gives me one step forward and 2 steps back. I discovered a few amazing things today:

The front end of off centre by 4mm. The LF wheel has 7-8mm guard clearance and the RF has 0. I will have to remove the subframe, slot the holes 4mm then weld the slot and reshape the mounting holes.

The rear end has been fitted 10mm off centre. The LR wheel is flush and the RR is in 10mm. I will have to cut the mounts off and reposition them over 5mm.

I have found some rust underneath that I’ll have to fix up and the chassis rails need tidying up before a wof.

The car came with a receipt for the exhaust from a reputable car modification company here in Christchurch. $2500 worth. The rear muffler has 2 mounts. The forward most one is hard bolted to the chassis with no rubber so that explains the vibration through the car. The rear most mount is a cotton reel that has been mounted as a hanging set up and in a way that it has pulled itself apart. Cotton reel exhaust mounts have to be compressed!

Anyway. Enough chat for today. Here’s some photos.











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