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Mattt's 1970 RT80 12A Bridgeport TEQ Corona

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So I’ve been waiting for weeks now to get my grill, mirrors trims and stuff back from the painters before taking the car home but he’s been flat out and I’m getting it done for free so I’ve decided while the cars sitting at work to get into the main fabrication work. 
Pulled everything out to start dry icing the floor tomorrow after work. 
Then the plan is to cut the entire gearbox and driveshaft tunnel out, fit all new stuff done properly and that gives extra clearance for the driveshaft when I drop it lower. Then I’m cutting the channel out that runs the width of the car and I’ll fold up a 3mm plate that welds straight to the floor for the seat rails to bolt to which will give me about 60-70mm drop in seat height so my head won’t touch the roof and also stiffen the floor back up since I’ve taken the stiffener out. Wish me luck CDC6CA8C-9FB1-4B02-99A8-F38199CC3849.jpeg.e1158672415465189f836dbcb603ecf3.jpeg






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Got this started yesterday. Decided to start with the plates for the seats. So I can tack them in to stiffen things up when I take out the top hat stiffener. Much better seating position now for someone of 6’3” however the mrs might not be able to drive it anymore...









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Managed to get most of another job ticked off over the last couple of nights. Running the handbrake cables internally. Due to the fact that the cables were already rubbing on the driveshaft and that the cars going in for more lowering in a few weeks I decided to get creative. Everything's working nicely. I will have to make up a cover and some little mounts for the cover so that it can be removed if it needs any repairs but the majority of its there. Its nice to be getting these things sorted. Hopefully the cert man doesn't shit himself20210106_202053.jpg.345e635f633c2adb127e8fba10c92556.jpg



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