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  1. Fuck it. Killed the gearbox. Its stuck in 3rd. Will pull it out and strip it down.
  2. Boring update but will add it for my own records Got drivers window sorted Got headlights working Got seatbelts, rear 1/4 interior pieces and rear seats back in. Spent forever getting the boot popper in and working properly. Probably could have done a engine rebuild in the time it took to get that thing working smoothly. A couple of photos of the boot popper for storytelling appeal. Then I got it out and went for a dodgy, green stickered, no wof, no cert drive around the local industrial area for about 15 minutes to iron out any issues and get
  3. They say answer to every question can be found if you just look hard enough. This was proven tonight. Question: Does the exhaust hit the gearbox cross member? Answer: I suspected that might have been one of the last noises I was hearing. So I thought I'd better sort it out. And like some terrible magic trick we have clearance. Yeah, maybe I erred past the point of caution into unnecessary but eh. Tomorrow I attempt to fix the driver door window and finish the handbrake off.
  4. Got it out for a little drive. Man, its so nice to drive now compared to when I got it. Most of the random noises are gone, the engine vibration through the whole car is gone. The brakes still suck but thats on the list. Booked in for lowering on the 25th. Looking forward to getting it slammed.
  5. Managed to get most of another job ticked off over the last couple of nights. Running the handbrake cables internally. Due to the fact that the cables were already rubbing on the driveshaft and that the cars going in for more lowering in a few weeks I decided to get creative. Everything's working nicely. I will have to make up a cover and some little mounts for the cover so that it can be removed if it needs any repairs but the majority of its there. Its nice to be getting these things sorted. Hopefully the cert man doesn't shit himself
  6. Well after staring at this in the workshop for the last 3 months while we've been massively busy at work and I've been caught up on the weekends entertaining my son I finally managed to get a couple of days to spend on this so I managed to mount my seats and get my tunnel fab'd up. I had to change my plan for the seats as my original design ended up too low and too far back surprisingly. Also the cert man wasn't happy with me removing the stiffer running the width of the car. So, I went back to the drawing board and came with this Then I made up a
  7. Started on the tunnel and finally got some trim parts painted!
  8. Got this started yesterday. Decided to start with the plates for the seats. So I can tack them in to stiffen things up when I take out the top hat stiffener. Much better seating position now for someone of 6’3” however the mrs might not be able to drive it anymore...
  9. No, but I’ll be cutting it out piece by piece and welding in temporary bracing as I work my way along. Not to mention the likelihood that when they made the disgusting mess of a tunnel originally that nothing would have been braced. It will probably allow the car to sit more naturally when I cut that abomination out haha
  10. So I’ve been waiting for weeks now to get my grill, mirrors trims and stuff back from the painters before taking the car home but he’s been flat out and I’m getting it done for free so I’ve decided while the cars sitting at work to get into the main fabrication work. Pulled everything out to start dry icing the floor tomorrow after work. Then the plan is to cut the entire gearbox and driveshaft tunnel out, fit all new stuff done properly and that gives extra clearance for the driveshaft when I drop it lower. Then I’m cutting the channel out that runs the width of the car and I’ll fold up
  11. New tyres and spacers on. This thing just gives me one step forward and 2 steps back. I discovered a few amazing things today: The front end of off centre by 4mm. The LF wheel has 7-8mm guard clearance and the RF has 0. I will have to remove the subframe, slot the holes 4mm then weld the slot and reshape the mounting holes. The rear end has been fitted 10mm off centre. The LR wheel is flush and the RR is in 10mm. I will have to cut the mounts off and reposition them over 5mm. I have found some rust underneath that I’ll have to fix up and the chassis rails need tidying up b
  12. Maybe it’ll look better with wings rather than wheels?
  13. Yeah fair call man. I’m happy to sort something out I’m just not 100% on when I’m going to be doing the interior. There’s a bit of work in the old girl yet.
  14. Hahaha! It’s even got similar colour wheels. Consider me moist.
  15. Thanks man. I really appreciate that my car can be inspirational. I will be having new door cards made although my vinyl is peeling at the bottom so not sure if it’s of any use to you or not? on that note have you got a RH rear pillar vent internal cover? It’s the metal cover that goes on the inside of the vents on the pillars I only seem to have the LH one for some reason.
  16. Fuck I’m hesitant to post these photos! I kinda went pretty out the gate on the wheels. I wanted something different and I thought the japs used to have pretty crazy wheel colours back in the days. So I present to you my new wheel set up. This sure as hell won’t be for everyone but I’m really liking it. Please keep in mind the cars getting dropped significantly, I got the wrong size rear tyres so they’re being changed and also my spacers haven’t arrived yet. Anyway, I’d love to hear people’s honest feedback......... Again, discussion here:
  17. One of my new seats turned up. Stoked as. The other ones on back order until September but that’s fine. I need to recess the inner seat brackets into the floor 50mm as since day one I’ve been too tall for it and it’s not comfortable for me to sit in it. I’m going to do the gearbox and driveshaft tunnel and the seat rails all at the same time.
  18. Polished me some rims today. Now I look like a coal miner. Totally worth it though.
  19. I picked some new wheels. Might upset some purists but I needed the size to get the right look otherwise it was always going to be high rolling. At least they’re genuine Japanese rays wheels....
  20. For some reason this thing came with the wrong alternator pulley. It had a 13A belt pulley and the rest of the engine needs an 11A belt so I ordered a new dual row pulley from franklin engineering. Top notch stuff they make and seriously reasonable prices for quality Nz made products. Ordered an oil sender block at the same time to run my oil pressure and temp gauge senders. Will fit that in the next couple of days.
  21. Right, babies 2 weeks old now so can continue playing with this thing. Worked our I’m still not getting full throttle. It goes well but not as fast as it should. Had a look at the accelerator pedal, found the problem. FUCK OFF, seriously?! Never have I spoken a truer word..... Made a nice new one and gave it more pedal travel. Guess what, full throttle now actually makes power, real power! Wheel spinning, ear grinning neck turning power. I’m a happy man.
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