Michael’s Sunbeam Imp 1969

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update shes all up and running :D ! and legal only failed a wof on not being able to find the vin tag number which was hidden under the trim in the bonnet :lol:
i thought it would fail on a brake imbalance as i took it to vtnz...
me and my friend went for a drive to take some pictures sadly overheats at 100kms so have to sort that out :x  





got my parts from frank, new nolathane bushes , door seals and boot seal and a shiny exhaust manifold :D
fitted door seals, one door might need adjusting as its not pushing against seal enough..


 dummy fitted exhaust manifold to old MK1 head doesn't fit well! if you mark the gasket with the way it sits on the head it won't seal well at all and the gasket will only have a mm of sealing if that! and all the ports are off center alot.


going to get flange cut between number 3 and 4 and get the 4th exhaust tube moved over as stud on number 4 pushes header offset   :cry:   :roll:
and the plate that been welded on for the stud to bolt up against is in the wrong place :|


took the Stromberg cd125s apart have alot of wear in the throttle spindle also it has 5A needles fitted,what are 5A needles suited for?
also looking at electric dizzys either thinking of going to a wasted spark setup with a ecu or try and find a decent electric dizzy conversion 




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