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(speakers are only there to try & get some audio : begging for a Glove-box or subtle install)

and leave it as stock as possible!

I assume Coupe's Tacho go where the Datsun emblem is / blank gauge pod on the right

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AS she sits today, now I know many don't agree with the tires (faux white-walls bought from OS'er) so suck it, we're getting the moneys worth out of them!

Begging for a A15 (or hot A12) and 4 speed (period correct upgrades that might just pass a WOF without too many hassles

in no hurry to Butcher anything & will remain STOCK for as long as possible (or until I am allowed to unbolt anything more than the Rims)



Had a nice policeman pining over it on the weekend & he was disappointed the VIN tag isn't straight :/ and now that's all I see in this picture

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  • 2 weeks later...

1st full tank of gas Used & stats collected (see my Sig for the Fuelley)

given her the once over, then twice for good measure (and the car too)

who is Niles?


(appears to be OEM on the switch gear / part number?


also Re-sealed Front & Back Windscreen and found a few more spots of rust to attend to

attempted to remove Dash to remove Radio : no dice

so have spent a few hours on the Dat 1200 Wiki site : http://datsun1200.com/modules/mediawiki/index.php?title=History_of_Datsun_1200

learnt a few things such as potential for water in the carb (Bad running / stalling)

and how to remove the Choke button to get dash out

found the Spare steering wheels for the Avenger & Subaru don't suit the Spline

and the rear headrests from the Gravel Express fit the  Front Seats :P (no pic : they ugly grey / black & mismatch need reupholstering)


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Well that's been robbing HP for longer than it needed to

a Cheap China had already been installed, not to sure what was wrong with the OEM carb so we've frankenstiened both together (top off the Hitachi & body stayed in place

seems to go heaps better for now!

that's the Accelerator Pump seal btw, scary pulling out in traffic, anything below 40kph was walking pace!

I tried a can of Carb cleaner, draining fuel (in case of water) & still have my eye on the Black Friday deals for a complete carb 


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Spare Carb has arrived from China


Still havnt got around to swapping Jets into the current franken Carb (Already has a China Body in it with the OEM carb top on it)

and still running "Flat" with coughs so I know it isnt right

least now I have a 'spare' before I go Barry'ing into the guts of this & end up with another Lawn ornament

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Was waiting for this result before I went further


that's 1x tank on the Franken Carb thats still not running right (still runs "flat" & coughs and very poor acceleration)

from the previous couple Tank stats


as it came to us (shitty China carb with poked Accel pump seal

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Bought a 80's Sunny / 120Y Haynes at the recent Wheels with Attitude event

1st guy with a bunch of books wanted $5 each

Guy next to him with more books and organised aphabetically

found the Datsun manual "How Much?"


"would you take $10"

maybe $15 he says

mad dash back to cars to raid coins



also Found an hour yesterday to tinker with Carby now I had skim read the manual


found a wee pool of oil (blow by / return?) in the mani : I figure thats normal


(I'd already fingered it at this stage of taking a pic)

and here's the ALi-Ex deal bolted on


and oh boy we have a new car!

cant wait to drive it after we fix the Alternator now it's not charging LOL (Battery Light on)

it was on before I touched to too btw :P

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  • 3 weeks later...

old & busted Rectifier out of the Alt


replaced the Brushes at same time

Had my mate help me give it a bit of a tune up just now & a fresh tank of gas hopefully We are ready for Nat's! 

Lets watch those L/100 drop

5 weeks to goooooo


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OK Audio time!

3 minutes ago, JoKer said:

the faceplate in the Datto is part of the dash & I cant sack up to cut it!


(oem AM unit pushed back & I've pulled & prodded & no it's not a faceplate that pops out :/

also Hello Toyota!


(part #8 pops out in this out of focus diagram)

this thread wins :P

I'll be attempting the @two_days_late method too!

I was looking for the "hidden stereo" thread & this will do for now

method #2 is to pop something in the glove box or try to access the back of the dash by removing the Glovebox isself

otherwise from what I have read (datsun1200.com) I have to drop the steering wheel to get the dash out

or am I missing something incredibly simple?


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Plan B :


Looks like it might fit in the slot nicely without too much fuss and miiiiiight actually remain functional etc


Time will tell :P

Long road to Nat's otherwise! (PC Speakers on a Cell only just gets over road noise LOL

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Also as if we needed proof something was wrong before (and sad to say it still has a minor cough at low load / peddle position)

Here's to the China Ali Express carb update!




and the only piece of the Audio puzzle to be dispatched is the Cable connectors LOL

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1st order for the above stero was not dispatched (refunded) so I ordered x2 18-03-2020 and they turned up in the letter box yesterday (09-04-2020)


Just now, JoKer said:

dang it 5mm to narrow to fit the Datto (spacing between the knobs) see pic below the faceplate is not removable / is one piece with the dash & I dare not cut it  

oh well I guess a glove box or under dash install is on the way!

no sign of the Bluetooth kit ordered 28-02-2020

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