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Grimmy's 88 Ford Courier/B2000 of white smokey head gaskety hell


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  • 2 weeks later...

So. List of all the things...

complete tear down of the block.

Hone and Deck.

New head. Valves and Cam.

Frost plugs. Crank seals. Thrust bearing clutch and pressure plate.

New rings and bearings. New shells. New oversized pistons.

New water pump and timing belt.

New alternator.

serviced oil and fuel pump.

New dizzy. Cap. Leads rotor and points.

New rad. New fan belt.

New brake and clutch master cylinders.

New ignition. Door locks and key set.

Got some bling equal length extractors on the way. Once they arrive I’ll sort the whole exhaust and do the underbody.

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  • 1 month later...

Getting there. New keys and barrels all round. None of the old barrels matches the ignition.

Got a set of 205 60 16s and the speedo is up 2 Kay at 100 clicks. So close enough.

As soon we get to level 2 it’s going to get straightened out. Flip leaves to get some low.

Got a slew of chrome things on the way. Door handles. Grill. Rear lights. Pinch weld. Door rubber. Universal keyless entry and leccy window kit. That’s how it will prolly sit for another couple of months while I decide on a colour. And chip away at the interior.


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  • 2 weeks later...

Ugliest steering wheel in the world?


I’m kinda into it.

Got a knob for a Mazda 6 5 speed on the way. The Mrs has the 6 speed Mazda 6 (Matching his and hers knobs. Cus that doesn’t sound weird) And I’ve got a bit of a plan to tie that colourwise to the wheel and gator boot.

Hoping to find some proceed/marvie doors with factory leccyness I can pillage and liberate parts from.



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