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Grimmy's 88 Ford Courier/B2000 of white smokey head gaskety hell

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Hey Team.  Been AWOL quite a long time.

Had some serious hickups in life that slowed me down and forced me to let go of my last project. a mk3 Ford Cortina.

And frankly, I went through a pretty nasty period of depression.

But you can't keep a good guy down. And you won't stop a grease monkey eventually getting covered in grease.

Around a month ago, My Daily Driver 2000 Ford Mondeo slipped a tooth on the timing belt on the exhaust cam, and did some bendy valve stuff.

A friend had this sitting in his hay shed taking up space. And Rather than try and rebuild the Mondeo motor (Which had only done 30,000k since I did a rebuild on it anyway) I jumped at the chance to get into something RWD, with a carb, and a tray.

Repainted sometime in its past, But rather neglected of late.  I saw this as a chance to tinker with something oldish again.

Fresh Battery and some fuel and she fired right up. She didn't sound right, but she did start.

Got her home running like a bag full of assholes. Popped the bonnet to find green alien blood pretty much pissing out the Number 4 exhaust. (Sigh... Headgasket)




So.... List of things on the to do list...

Head Gasket (Or just pull the motor and rebuild the whole thing, It's done 300,000+ k)

The steering wheel is toast.

The Fuel Sender is bung (This is pretty common in these from what I've read)

The tray needs that water trap bedliner scrapped and a spray on liner done.

The offset on those rims is FAR too positive.

Add more tie down points.

Fix the Fuel door

Stupid little interior blanks with holes drilled in them need sorting

Screws missing in the interior.

Giant speaker holes in the door cards.

Apply power steering (If I can find the stuff to do it)

Headunit with bluetooth.

Other minor cosmetic things.

Sort the suspension.

Answer every question/problem in life with "Just chuck it on the back of the ute"

Create discussion thread.

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Got a line on a donor '88 b2000.

Rusty as.  fried clutch, no class, no wheels, no rad.

Which is good, 'cause further inspection says the leafs are well over due for resetting/replacement.



And here's the donor from facebook marketplace.



So to do list now includes rear suspension, And frankly, might as well do the front while I'm at it. I'm just gonna end up doing in the future anyway. Might as well clean the chassis up and sort it all while I have the try off and have it in pieces. (We all know how this goes right) Do the brakes. Do the shocks. Rebuild the whole dammed thing. At least the suspension parts are relatively cheap and easily available compared to some of the cortina stuff.


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Bluetooth heady. Because Priorities.

Ripped the rad out. Not the original rad, Not even a courier rad. But plastic tanks and fairly new. So we'll keep that. Find a better way of attaching it. Because tec screws. But could be worse. Could have a blown head gas... Oh wait.

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Used to be red. Because Red is faster. Pretty keen on swapping over to the Mazda front end, Saw the chrome Mazda grill on Tard me, and it seems to be just a bonnet swap to make the Mazda grill work.  Will know more when I get the donor. And the bonnets have to come off anyway.

Rained off work today.  So was able to sus a few things.  I currently don't have a car with a tow ball.  So the first mission was sussing something that can tow a car trailer. And a car trailer.

Luckily my brother to the rescue. Has a towbar on his Toyota work shitter.  V6 3L Avalon. Not the ideal tow vehicle. But better than none. And booked a trailer with the boys at Tool Hire Taranaki for Tuesday arvo. (Gotta time in with my brother's shift work, my own work, and the owner of the donors work hours)

Think I might prep and underbody seal the engine bay while the motor is out. Attempt to get another 30 years out of it. Not overly worried about looks. I quite like the idea of patina rust repairs going on because work ute. And if I do the engine bay now. I shouldn't have to touch it again. (famous last words)

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Massive change of plans and a heap of ratshit weather saw us off to pick up the donor on the weekend.

Description on Facebook was "Rusty, Burnt clutch, I'm keeping the flat deck, on hold.  Bring your own wheels. No Rad, No glass"

After talking to the guy, I only had to take 1 wheel, And he left the flat deck on because CBF.

Got it back to mine and started stripping it in the back yard because despite the fact I have 3 car+ garage space. I actually have no room.



And then proceeded to somehow funnel rain water straight into the carb (F%$K MY LIFE!)

I'm tempted to keep the flat deck.  I'd get far more use out of the flat deck than the well side. Would need cutting down. But that's actually not a big issue.

Anyway.  Supercheap are doing some club card deals on jack stands and trolly jacks, and I need some gaskets. Not that I ever need an excuse to spend money on tools.

But my current axel stands are left over deck piles, and my trolly jack is at least as old as I am and leaking fluid. I could fix it. But NEW TOOLS.

Got a mate with an "Engine crane in my 40ft container at work. Might need fluid, I've never used it. You want it?"  Yes. Yes I do. Sure beats the endless chain in the carport.

So stripped a heap of worthwhile things out of the donor. Belts, Bench seat, trim pieces, screws, Jesus handle for the drivers side etc. Full loom, tow bar.  Diff and gearbox will be coming out too. Along with leafs and the rest of the suspension.

Been trolling the mazda mini truck forums and a cortina downdraft weber with headers and HEI is the done thing on these there. Makes sense. Totally into the rebuild the original motor idea.  Something I can do in the garage over the rest of the winter.  then the donor motor only really needs to survive a few months (OK lets be honest, it's going to need to last longer than that, because budget and time always goes out the window.)

My compressor is an hour away at my brothers place, so I'm tempted to get a battery rattle gun.

Thoughts on Air rattle guns vs Battery ones?



To keep or not to keep the flat deck... That is the question.

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Engine crane liberated from it's hidden location. My mate George is the go to guy for moving big or heavy things. He also owes me a favour or 3.  Fluke called this one in.

I have to say. I've had a few mates chime in on this one already. My best mates Step Dad sussed a car trailer and a ute to get the donor here. And managed to pick up an engine crane.

Might conduct one of those "lean by doing" weekend seminars in a quick and nasty engine swap with the bribe of warm beer and stale pizza.


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