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Now that the 4KE is running time to start making it better.

First thing to go was the Air Conditioning. Because we all know its not a race car unless it has AC removed. hahaha. By the way this whole AC package is for sale if anyone wants it.


Going to the gas station for the first time to fill it up with fresh gas. all 10 gallons of it. HAhaha

First car wash in over ten years 

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I had seen online that the old Celica/Supra wheels fit perfectly. So after some searching around MT i had a set of them. Man do they look good


I may have a problem with rare and cool old school parts. I was digging through local craigslist and found this really cool old 5 star wheels. 


After getting them home i had to test fit them with the 175/70/15 tires

Going to need some flares for sure.

Lower the car about 2-3in, add some flares and these would be perfect.

I couldn't help myself. I had to stack some drinks.

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Found a great deal on some fenders from Malaysia. Just had to go with it and hope they showed up unharmed to the USA. 


Threw on the fenders with some ebay fender mirrors. Then painted the headlight surrounds and grill so they match. installed the new front end with some Ebay LED lights. The ebay LED are so darn bright and a million times better than those old H4 lights. 



After sliding the car around on some snow I realized I need the rear end locked up. It was too hard to predict when the rear end would break loose with the open diff. 

So I took the little starlet to my friends shop to weld up the rear diff. 

Locking up the tiny little diff. 

Now having a custom front bash bar made. Gotta be legal and have a front bumper. 

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After many years of working on my vehicles in the street or in gravel I finally got a shop. Some friends and I went in on it together. Lots of space to work with. 

Here is the little Starlet awaiting the new suspension bits.  

Image may contain: car

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Got the new suspension in over the weekend. 

Out with the Old 

No photo description available.

The rear was easy enough. Compressing the front strut. 

No photo description available.

I decided to just cut one coil out and I'm glad i did.  It lowered it about an inch and still rides really well.  The shorter and stiffer Camaro rear shock helped compensate for the cut coil. I used just replacement front strut cartridges.

Image may contain: one or more people

The tie road was beyond gone. Just had rust for lubricant. 

Image may contain: one or more people

New control arm going on

Image may contain: one or more people and people sitting

It lowered the back 1.5 inches and the front about an inch. 

Image may contain: car and outdoor


With how bad all the suspension was the starlet now rides a thousand times better. Before the steering was numb and you couldn't feel the road at all, now it is much more direct. Before when you would go over a bump the suspension would shimmy left and right and it felt like riding on marsh mellows. I feel much more confident and safer now. 

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