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Rock hard brake pedal issue help


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On 25/11/2018 at 20:11, kws said:

It's mentioned in the first post the check valve is in place and new. Still worth testing it's working properly or swapping out. 

OP, have you tested the booster with a vacuum pump to check it can hold a solid vacuum (not just a "by ear" or "feel" test)?


One of the first things I did was test the vacuum to make sure it had what the manual says was the minimum. It had more than that.

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The car is still in the air. Wheels off.

I've replaced my ceramic pads with organics. Ceramics being super hard.

And replaced my rear shoes again. They got soaked with brake fluid while I was blowing out and flushing, bleeding the system.

I had my brother help me to "old school" two man bleed the system. Each bleeder when opened made the pedal drop to the floor. Now there is once again good pedal feel.

I'll put it back on the road soon and see if it's any different.

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