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Steelo's 1985 AE85 Levin


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Screenshot_2019-05-27-21-17-14.thumb.png.50abc2af3ddf07bf315278e1b5910b1e.pngAh sweet theres quite a few wires that may need to be integrated into the dash from the engine loom and that cluster diagram shows what connects where.   Assuming with the 3au gone you'll be replacing the original engine loom that has oil pressure switch, water temp sensor and coil wire to tacho? Also adding in the check engine light and speed sensor from dash to ecu (gains 500rpm on the limiter at speed, well it did on a 20v anyway).  Theres a plug near the ecu plugs on the engine loom that connects to the dash wiring, and all those things listed above and possibly the STA and COR might part of that bunch of wires. Sorry been a while since i did one.

Does your main relay show on it somewhere a printed diagram of the internals and the pin numbers? From that you can tell which wires are the switch part and which wires are for the coil (coil inside the relay). 



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Another plug not often mentioned in conversions is the oxygen sensor check plug.  usually found near firewall on exhaust side.  it's a 2pin plug that connects to vf pin of ecu and e1 wire. Its not critical to the engine running but keeping it means you can diagnose a faulty oxy sensor.  or even shorten wires back to near the ecu under dash where it could still be accessed.


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Hey mate,

Thanks heaps for the replies and info! I have been near death with the man flu lately.....hence why I haven't replied lol.

In reply to your last post, I don't think that particular plug exists on the smallport loom. It has a fully fledged DIAG port on the loom. Which I will be keeping.

Here's the relay I have put into the factory fuse box, it had the provision for it but being carbed from factory it didn't have the relay itself in there. I've checked continuity between the pins to see where it ends up underneath. Pin 3 is all about the place.....ground? pin 1 is right where the thick white cable and b/r go in.....must be the power feed. Pin 2 and 4 are over by themselves where there was a blanking off type plug underneath, I pulled it off and hey there's a bunch of terminals under there.photo_2019-06-05_16-06-35.thumb.jpg.bdb52705c3155e69675bb5018bc72856.jpg




From what I understand pin 2 will go off and feed my COR/fuel pump and ECU.

pin 4 will come from the 15A EFI fuse in the fuse box

pin 1 will be from the battery.

Since pin 3 is found in multiple areas, is this the ground?

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