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I had a bad experience with an old holden when I was 16. I owned it for 48hrs before it ran a bearing etc. Haven't owned one since.


Well 17 years on and the holden fairies have gifted me another one with issues.....



no compression in cyls 4 & 5.

Have sorted out another engine and will be doing the swap this weekend.


Yay for Holden life!

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Back story on the last update...

I drove her from Paraparaumu to Porirua (about 25-30km) when I picked it up, about 6km from home there was  a slight misfire and rough running but I got home. Got up in the morning to drive to work and fuck me she was an angry bitch. Running on 4cyls etc.

Got to work and found the carby was pissing out fuel and the plugs were fucked. Replaced those on Wednesday hoping that would help but alas she still had a miss. Compression check showed zero compression in 4 and 5.

Shit happens I guess. The young bloke I traded cars with is my workmate, the car was his Dads and has done fuck all k's in the last 18months due to being parked up and unused. The young fella had no idea that she was on her way out.



Pulled the head off on Thursday night and discovered blown head gasket between 4 & 5 cylinders


Had already ordered gaskets from BNT so they arrived on Friday all ready to spend my evening and Saturday installing. Friday night was spent cleaning everything up ready to install but in my drunken state at around midnight (after being sick and vomiting all day at work) I decided it would be a great idea to chuck the head on and torque it down. 




So 7:30 this morning I got stuck into chucking it all back together and all went well......

Until coolant was added to the mix. In my boozed, hazy state I damaged the rear of the head gasket causing major coolant leak. Fucken amateur move!


So I pulled it all back apart again.

Got another gasket from Repco, carefully chucked the head on (while sober) torqued it all down and threw the rest back together. Yay no more leak!


So she is running again, unfortunately there is still a running issue. I am hoping tuning the carb and setting the timing will rectify that. Will do compression test in the morning and go from there.

 On a positive note, I got lowering springs this evening


and here are a few shitty pics of the old slag




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Compression test was all good :) 

Played with the timing and carby and she is happy girl!


Rad as fuck result.


Painted the grille too.


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Been a rad week of cruising, old girl is happy as all fuck.

Spent an hour or so machine polishing all the white shit off the paint. Apparently it was an attempt at waxing that went all wrong. I am stoked with the results!




Wof day tomorrow, here's hoping she sails through

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We are legal! Got its WOF on Thursday :)

Threw a stereo in during the week, the speakers are rubbish so thats something else I need to address. Got some "mexican style" material from Petes Emporium to chuck on the seats. Looks good IMO considering it was $20 of material compared to the absurd prices "authentic Mexican throw blankets" go for.



Spent today removing the old shitty tints that had faded so much they were clear. I have removed shitloads of tints from various cars (we do vehicle compliance repairs at work) and have come across my fair share of stubborn ones. Fuck me the old girl was next level bullshit. All the glue stayed on the glass so I spent friggin ages cleaning all that off.

Gave the bumpers and trims a quick flick with autosol to make em shine a wee bit too.





I am thinking about painting the headlight surrounds black to match the grille, not 100% sure yet tho



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Well this is the last update for 2017.

The tailgate on the old girl has pissed me off since I got her due to the fact that the shit ton of bog was cracked and ready to come out.


I attacked it with a flathead and a hammer and holyshit some bugger spent a long time laying in filler and sanding!!!




As you see the rust looks rad! So a quick blast with the grinder and a splash with a vinegar and salt mix I added to the look with some instant rust :D


I genuinely love the rust/patina/rat look and have no plan of painting the tailgate until its ready to clear.


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Ditched all the bog and rusted the entire tailgate. It is in really poor condition so rusting it really isn't an issue as I will have to replace it at some point regardless.


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Cool week for spending money on the old girl.


Bought a woodgrain steering wheel and an external sunvisor that can only be described as costing crack money :badgrin:

Fitted up the wheel the other night in anticipation of the visor arriving the following day and sure enough it turned up! Got home ripped the packaging off and did a quick test fit. The fit was pretty average as over the years it had gone out of shape. So Friday after work I refitted and proceeded to manipulate it into a slightly better shape, ripped out the can of touch up paint that came with the car and because I am, A) cheap, B Impatient and C) a sucker for the rough look I used a shitty paint brush and coated the sucker in green. As soon as it was light on Sat morning I was out with the drill and making noise....

My drill fucked out, snapped three screws and by 8.30 my mrs was bitching cos we had to go and do the grocery shopping.....This also entailed buying a new battery drill and some new bits. Rad as fuck, drill smashed through the job in no time and by 11am I had a painted and mounted visor!!


Seriously fucken stoked with both the steering wheel and the visor!

annnnnd because I am a bit warped and love Insane Clown Posse I chucked a Hatchet Man sticker on the tailgate!

Love it or hate it , I am fizzing at the bumhole on how she is evolving!








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I finally did what I have been wanting to do for a while, love them or hate them I installed a Gilmer drive kit :D

I have always been a fan and I really don't give a fuck if it's just wank value, call me a wanker while I drive past grinning like an idiot listening to that glorious whine hahahaha

In all seriousness I am really pleased with the result. Here are a couple of short vids of the glorious whine in all its wank factor goodness




 Thinking I am going to have a play with the exhaust tone next. Then its electronic ignition and carb rebuild/possible webber conversion 


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Annnnnd just like that the journey is over.


Have swapped cars with a mate that has a few HQ/HZ's and I now have a VY V8 Calais....



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