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I have been getting a 1972 Daihatsu 360X back on the road over the last 4 years.

Starting with a full brake rebuild, then fuel tank repair and seal, radiator flush and restore, new battery, plugs, and coil. It looked hopeful little Max would run.

A startup produced hopeful signs, but the previous owner had played with the oil injection system - disabling ti and getting it to run on pre-mix. Why!??

After a trip to a regular mechanic (ignoring the engine issues) it took several more months to get it roadworthy and Club registered. But I did!

Only to discover the engine a non-goer...

A further stint of over 12 months with a trusted mechanic and 2-stroke expert pulled the engine completely down and discovered blanking plates inside to stop the injection system.

Oh dear. Fortunately, I had bought a heap of spares when I got Max, and had spare pistons, etc. So a rebore and engine rebuild got the mighty 360cc engine putt-putting again.

It still has a bit of an idle issue... but runs well, and once I re-attuned myself to the start and driving techniques suitable for it, I find it is a great around town runabout.

It has created a lot of local interest here and it is really pleasing to have a Daihatsu 360X that really does 'go'!

Now I am working to restore the paintwork and get Max prettied up, though keeping everything original.

Love to chat to any NZ people with this kind of car? (Visiting NZ in September)

[ Catch me chatting about classics - including Max - on 'Car Talk' on MAIN FM radio, Saturdays 8-10am (Aussie Eastern time) : it streams from mainfm.net ]


I have some parts available I may be able to help with...


Any Daihatsu 360s running in NZ??

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