Bexs 68 Impala Caprice Hardtop

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Quick update. Haven't really done much to it yet except change the oil to make me feel better about starting it up from cold and move it around occasionally while i finished off some other projects.

First thing to do is pull the interior out of it, well whats left of it anyway. Then I will pull the engine & transmission out, send the rolling shell out to get the floors, trunk, engine bay and complete underside blasted and primed.

I will be interested to see how much of the floors survive after that, then i can order new sheet metal as needed.



Big Block in all its Glory. Dont think I've posted a picture of the old lump yet.

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discovered I need quite a bit of sheet metal for the floors... Might even need a whole LH floor pan, as its pretty much like corn flakes in the spots that aren't completely wasted!

Im up for the challenge though, its not too bad a job. 




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Look at that lump. The essence of Detroit.





Engine finally out. I had to buy a new crane as the work one wasnt long enough to reach!

Im just going to throw gaskets at the old lump, check the bottom end and if all is well put it back into service. It seems to run fine, no knocks or smoke and the compressions were all good.

Anyway, can make a start on the floors now

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Got the screens removed without breaking them, pretty rusty in the rear channels. Shocking actually. Will do that a bit later on.

Going to do the drivers side floor this weekend. Its a pretty big piece of real estate compared to the trunk floor patch.

Want to pull the body off the frame once all the structual rust is done. Big job!

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Thought i better show you lot i havent been a slacker and basically share the misery of what I've been doing on this nugget since the last post

Rear window channel was found to be fully fucking rusted when i removed the screen. I cut another section from a pontiac wreck and grafted it back in, along with repairing the trunk lid seal lip that was totally missing.

Chop chop, weld, grind etc.






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Made the throttle pedal heel board from scratch today, as it was obviously missing.

I actually used left over pieces from the new trunk floor stamping I bought, as the shapes were kinda close to what I think should be there for the pedal mount. Bonus. 

Still took me about 6 hours to fab this to size and butt weld it in though. Bastard.





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Might stop boring you all to death with rust repairs for awhile. 

Next exciting thing for me will be lifting the body off the frame now its structurally sound enough to do so. 

Fucking hanging out to get this going. Momentum game is strong at the moment! 

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