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Alistair's 1973 7AGTE KE20 Corolla


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Basically all I have done so far is change out the diff fluid for some new LSX90, put some Redline HD Shockproof oil in the box as it was a bit noisy (this helped heaps) and oil change. 


I need to get a fuel sender for the Jaz cell as I currently have no idea how much I have in there and need to mount the wiper motor on the passenger side (normally up under the pedal box) so I can drive and see when raining!


I have raised the front coilovers slightly as the roadtrip back from Whakatane was harsh as balls on the front as it kept bottoming out. Need to check level and see if the back needs to come up to suit. Wheels are quite big, main issue with changing wheels are the FD3s front brakes as the calipers are huge on them. 


Other than that, enjoy, do drags, track and cruise the hell out of it!

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Yawn update. Drive this thing every weekend basically rain or shine. Rain is lols. Made burger meet (in the rain as above), went to caffeine & classics etc

Got new rear tyres and found one of the rear wheels is buckled hence the slight motorway wobbles I've had so going to drop both in to Arrow Wheels soon to get sorted. 4th & 5th are pretty noisy but not notchy or anything so just keeping an eye out for a w57/58 to have as a replacement if/when this lets go.

Changed the blocks out today for 38mm (had 50mm's) just to get some more clearance in the rear, makes it nicer to cruise now, can hit bumps without worrying about peeling tread off in the arches. Carpark picture shows height as it sits now. Still haven't done the fuel sender or wipers. Will get to that lol.

Pretty sure the tune has been locked so can't do launch control or anything without starting from scratch. Might do this as the valve springs were shimmed super tight because it was dropping valves due to harsh limiter and I think this has been changed now so could go to smaller shims so the motors not so noisy.

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Carrying on from the above, tune was unlocked through...methods...


I bought a W58 getting ready to replace the W55 and glass bead blasted it while I was at a customers servicing the room




Drove it to work one day about a month ago and got nearly all the way home. Stopped on the motorway offramp and  couldn't get back into gear. Managed to smash into second so drove it home like that and parked it up to get the box out.


Clutch slave body and pin had seen better days






Then took all the bellhousing bolts off and found no matter what levering I did I couldn't get it to pop off and it seemed to always spring back into place which indicated something was catching the pressure plate. Had Chris/EURON8 around again tonight and decided to holesaw the bellhousing to be able to undo the pressure plate bolts. Got that off and suddenly the box popped off without even levering and found the clutch plates looking like so...


This disc was free but had pretty fucked splines





This disc however has twisted and locked onto the input shaft. Even some hefty hammering hasn't freed it to allow the pressure plate and this disc to come off.




Both clutch discs have cracks and the plates inbetween have some pretty good gouges so need discs and plates at a minimum. Hopefully the flywheel section and pressure plate are salvageable.


So likely a bit more money to be spent to get it mobile again!


Did buy this lush gearknob in the interim from http://www.nostalgic-grains.com/ Laser engraved Rosewood





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New VVT pulley did the business. Super quiet now compared to before can hear all the other rattles and squeaks I was missing haha.




Also put one of these fandangled MRP Belt stabilizers on:




And have ordered wideband and Link G4+ Storm to replace the haggard G3 trying to keep up with G4 software.


Lol how I said I wasn't going to do much to this car when I bought it.

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