Simcaclub's 1958 Simca Aronde Deluxe 1300

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This weekend we have removed the engine from the Simca, and some of the front plate work. From the front parts about 30% of the bolts broke off due to rust. Plus a couple of cages of the square nuts in the beams come lose. Not an not easy to loosen job. A large area was covered with a thick greasy substance, which made it difficult to find some of the bolts.


In the meantime I was cooking my bumper parts in my bigger Mr. Fusion container. Since it is virtually impossible to get new or good bumper parts for a Simca in New Zealand, I want to de-rust the bumper parts and smooth them out with filler. After they have been sanded I want to try to wrap them with chrome wrap. I have seen some photos on google with acceptable results (New bumpers from Europe will cost probably around 1500 or 2000 Euros, more value than the whole car)


Rusted bumper part:



Derusted bumper part:



Sprayed in black zinc spray:



Taking the engine out:



Guitar photo:


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Separate the gearbox:



End if life for the water pump:



Luckily I found a spare in a box somewhere:




Removed the front parts. Many bolts and nuts broke off:



The front parts are waiting to be processed:


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I haven't got a lot of time to work on my Simca, but yesterday and today I found some time to disasemble my engine. The engine has only run 50 Kmiles, but looked quite greasy and oily. When I took the head off, I found about 2,5 cm rusty sludge in the cooling channels. The only way to get rid of it is using a water blaster I guess. I already scraped most of the greasy layer off with an old credit card.


Beheaded before I scraped the greasy layer off. The cylinders are looking ok with out worn places or scratches



Cooling channels full with rusty sludge



I'm getting closer to the crank shaft



Box full with bits and bobs


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I have the engine disassembled, some of the piston bearings are realy bad. I don't trust the main bearings either. I have seen on fleebay a set of spare bearings with a 0.25mm oversize. But first I need to know if that is enough for the crankshaft. Next week I can borrow a tool to measure it up. In the meantime I have cleaned all the parts. 


Empty engine



Parts from engine



Some of the piston bearings a quite bad. 




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I have cleaned all the engine parts and ordered piston rod bearings and a ring set from bowden engine parts. Complete paints has made a spray can with the original engine color for me. Suvic is gone grind my crankshaft as soon if I have the bearings. The main bearings probably have to come from fleebay. I still have to sort out the seals.


Back in the original color:



Back in the original color:



A box with clean parts. I have to make a detailed photo of the Flash logo on the cover and somehow reproduce it.



Nice clean parts:



The gearbox looks mint. I am not gone open it up, but leave it as it is.


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