Adoom's 1982 KP60 "Starvia"

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So my project thread started out on Club-K then moved to Toyota Team 80's then Toyspeed. Now here I am.

I'll just put in some historical highlights rather than copying the whole 14 pages/6 years....


I started off in 2005 with a KP61 4 door, for $300 from Pick A Part.

I was all like ermhegerd must have rotoreee because I was in my early 20's.

Then I wanted to get a 4age...

Then a low km CA18ET single cam 1800 turbo from an S12 silvia became available for FREE!!!


Over a period of 3 months THE STARVIA was born.







But after about a year or two, I got rear ended while waiting at an intersection. The car was sandwiched between a big ute and a twat in an accord. The damage was mostly to the shell so I could salvage everything else including some panels. The buy back value of the car according to the insurance company was $300 :D

So the insurance money got me a 2 door with no engine leaving change for UPGRADES!

Upgrades like: LSD, coilovers, a 2nd bucket seat, intercooler.

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The replacement shell had rusty doors, bootlid, bonnet, guards and under the wiper motor.

I swapped the bootlid, bonnet(minor straightening required), right guard and I just happened to have one spare guard for the other side.

I fixed the rust in the drivers door frame, but the passenger side was worse so I bought the yellow door.












The box doubles as a handy table.








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And I got a fibreglass bonnet and bumpers.



And I got a better radiator





Then I took it to the dyno and said "can we turn up the boost?".

And they were like "holy shit why hasn't it exploded before now? It goes really lean and starts detonating. You should LINK ECU it."


So I got a link and made a fuel rail to take bigger injectors etc....







Too much torque happened, so better clutch



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At some point I decided to make a better clutch pedal.


A straight one...



I also put a stop on it, because it was pushing the clutch springs too far and they would touch the clutch plate.



The Starlet speedo cable screws right into the CA18ET gearbox. But it reads ~20% high.

With the link, I could use a PWM speedo and a speed sensor in the box.

I'm cheap/poor, so I tried to find a factory fitted pwm speedo I could use. No such luck.

But a rev counter is pwm. So after very much fucking around I ended up with a rev counter with a speedo faceplate  :D





It turns out I don't HAVE to have an ODO?!



I made a spider.


It lives on the roof of my house now :P



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And a dyno run. Low boost/High Boost.



And I didn't mention I messed around with an aquamist water injection system.

The dyno guys tried putting straight E85 instead of water in it.

Extra 20KW on the same boost!



But the flow from the injector nozzle was not consistent so they suggested replacing it with a fuel injector.






I'm not the best at brazing....






Making the fuel tank for E85



And an oil catch tank













Baby fuel rail for the single injector.






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Had to move the BOV to before the IC so it didn't vent E85 into the engine bay....


It's the red bit down there.





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Then on the first or 2nd run at Manfield. BHG







Bores were fucked



#1 and #3 spark plugs had melted electrodes.


So I did this



It's the 4 port head



It needed a rebuild though




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*rebuilds engine* over REALLY long time. Thanks CAM.




Making new engine mounts. Old ones were a bit not right.









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More recently. I had to pull the gearbox out because the plate thingy that goes behind the flywheel didn't have holes in the right places for the L-brackets that brace between the block and the lower bellhousing.

So convenient that I got a power file for xmas :D to make some notches in the edge of the plate.

I've also just put the radiator and intercooler back in....

The radiator top hose needs to make some bends like a snake practicing yoga... I might have to make it out of metal I think.

I also had to cut some of the electric fan shroud off so it clears the front pulley. 3mm is heaps!

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Trying to work out if I have the CAS plug wired correctly. I'm fairly sure I have the power and ground right. And 75% sure I've got Trig 1 and 2 the right way around. It seems to work occasionally, like sometimes it displays the revs momentarily in the Link software, but most times it does not. I'm just turning the engine over on the starter.

Could it be from voltage drop? It's dropping down to 9 volts when it's cranking. It's the same 360 degree Nissan Opto type as the old engine.

Maybe I'll take it off and turn it with the drill, so there is no voltage drop from the starter.


Also found that the fuel hose for the overflow from the surge tank to fuel tank has gone hard. It can't be much more than 3 years old :/ I blame supercheap efi hose :( Which was actually quite expensive.

Of course it's the most awkward one to remove, all the other hoses have to be removed so the fuel tank can come out.

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I had to remove the fuel tank to replace a fuel hose that had gone hard.

The tank still had about 30L of BP98 from 2 years ago so it fairly heavy.

I ended up pouring it out the filler pipe into a 20L drum for the mower... then that was full, I filled my 5L bottle a few times and transferred it to the corolla. It will be fine.


I also took the opportunity to remove the battery tray, fuel pump and surge tank so I could clean it up and paint it. It was a horrible mess from my old battery that seemed to spew a bit of acid and ate the paint.





I also made the access hole for the hoses about twice the size it was before, should be able to change stuff without removing the tank now. The paint is not quite dry yet, so I have not put the rubber bead around the edge of the hole.


I've ordered some 2" alloy pipe to replace the IC inlet/outlet. They are currently 1 7/8" or something. I've been meaning to do that for ages, and the hose should clamp down much better once that's done.


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I bought a cheap windows tablet to run pclink on so i can have custom gauges that are in my face.

And so i can do logging.

I need to make a sturdy but easily removable mount. with velcro straps or something.


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Messing around with the plumbing/hoses. I have a shitload of hose clips and about 8 90deg elbows to get some hoses to where they need to go. :/

Got my intercooler back from being modified.

Picking up a timing light tonight to have a go setting the base timing/calibrating the triggers. Not sure how I can crank the engine and look at the front pulley timing marks at the same time.... might have to get the gf to assist.

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So I got it to start and sorted the timing. I used an SR20 base maps, link forums suggested that.

Trying to get all the air out of the cooling system. No oil or water leaks so far.

It runs rough as. Like it's running on 3. I'll pull the plugs and see what they are like.

IC pipe is still not done, I need to modify the bit of pipe that has the BOV, IAC take-off and IAT sensor so it will fit.

My turbo oil line still needs shortening, it's 4 or 5 times too long.

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Mostly sorted the mess of pipes. SO MANY PIPES!


Tried starting it again now that the intake pipe is complete. The oil pressure went rather high... All I can think of is the oil pressure/water temp plugs might be mixed up. But it was fine last time... I haven't changed anything....


A bit tight down there... See the timing thingy...



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So I pulled the spark plugs.



And WTF?! Two have cracked insulators?!



They are new. I've run the engine maybe 3 times with them in. They certainly did not look like that when I put them in.

Any idea how this could have happened?

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I got two new sparkle plugs this morning and put them in making sure the socket was straight.

Engine runs MUCH better now.

I think I must have dropped the ratchet on those two front plugs and broken them, I'm sure I would have noticed if I broke them when I first put them in.


Then I took it off the axle stands and pushed it out into the sunshine and gave it a bath, for the first time in two years!


No coolant or oil leaks I can see.

The the gauge says the oil pressure is still really high. 60psi at idle and 100psi(max on the gauge) when it's revving higher. I'm 75% sure it was more like 20/60 the first time I started the engine(which is what the manual says it should be).

The engine has just been rebuilt.

The bearings and oil pump were packed with that white assembly grease stuff, so that is still floating around in there.

It has mineral running in oil in it.

When I disassembled the oil pump to clean and check the clearances I checked the pressure relief valve was clean and moved easily.


What could cause my oil pressure to be so high? I'd rather not have to drop the x-member to take the sump off and examine the oil pump.

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Collected it from dyno tune today. No issues. Once it's legal I take it back for the "road tune".

I'm pleased with the results.




High and low boost.

Try tried increasing the boost further, but it made less power, because heat. More power needs better or bigger turbo.

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