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Oftensideways 1983 Toyota Hiace family camper

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Made a good start last weekend.


Completely gutted the rear as none of it was really going to work. Saved all the good bits handles, hinges, sink, fittings, tank etc. also removed the front seats and engine covers to start going over all of that.

While demoing the rear and removing all the rubbish I came across a couple of sweet photos of the van all set up! nice to see the past owner has a good choice in beverage also.

When i first picked it up we got it running and drove it around the paddock, no brakes and a stuck accelerator pump so hopefully it wont take to much to get the old girl up to scratch.






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So i've decided on bit of a plan in the way I should attack this thing. 


Get the motor, brakes and suspension up to scratch

road test

rust repairs

rear fit out- seats, bed, kitchen etc



I probably should re-vin at an earlier stage but we will probably use it for a few sneaky runs down the valley to camp at the river and i'm willing to risk it.


Have had a reasonable look over the van and its all in really good shape save for the rust which i gather has only appeared since being parked up under the tree. 


Got it up on axel stands, removed the wheels and drums to inspect brakes, all in really good condition, good shoes, no leaks and un worn drums.


Repaired the dodgy work on some of the fuel lines and replaced the broken filter. charged the battery and got it going with the help of ether. Cleaned the points, set the idle mixture and speed, set the timing (way advanced! no wonder it struggled to turn over) now it fires up and idles fine just need to get oil, filters, plugs and coolant. 


Next step is to get some tyres (looking at whitewalls from STA parts) and put the van back together to road test!


Realised i've had a few goodies stashed that fit the project perfect!


Front centre badge i've had for ages and i'm sure its from a Hiace (and the camper is missing it)



A set of 14" hubcaps that fit perfect, pretty sure they came off a Toyota Crown so a good enough match for me




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Well! the lack of updates as well and truly been the lack of work on this sadly. Customer cars and other projects of my own took up the needed shed space untill right about now really so will be cracking back into this again ASAP!


Nobody enjoys a picture less update so heres a couple of shots of my Starlet I ended up with and preceded to modify nearly every aspect and fail to take nearly any photos or document anything! goes pretty well now but the bodywork seriously lets it down, not really any rust but pretty dented and painted very poorly about 4 times, numerous colours. The Advan livery was a quick attempt to polish a turd.








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Progress! Finally got a bunch of customer projects and my own other cars out of the way and got this back into the shed. Time to attack this rust!

So lets be honest here, there is a lot of rust! From what i can see mostly due to poor previous repairs and the years under the tree i pulled it from, some really typical places are non existent while other places (windscreen frame) don't have a spec of rust.

I'm actually a bit late updating this so i'll do A picture dump and it should bring us up to date with current state of the repairs







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