Blizzo's '83 KP Starlet rally car

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So had the last sprint of the DCC sprint series in this thing a few weeks ago, car was going well, wet greasy day. My father in law and I both dual drove the car so was good to see what it is capable of. 

Lots of sideways fun like this -



Managed to win this for the series-



deeeze are the results of the day, i was pretty bloody happy to only be a fraction of a second of Rhys, and dealt to a few 4age powered cars with my whopping 64hp. Father in law (chris lancaster) fucking cleaned up, finished mid pack, and almost won b class 1300-1600 also! shows what experience and big nungas can do



so after i got home i decided i wanted more than 64hp and curiosity was killing me to find out what the cam specs were, as the dyno told me thats whats holding it back, so got home and pulled the cam out - 

reprofiled on the left, stock on the right



turns out the cam spec is weak as Sparkle, almost stock cam lift (ignore valve lift, muppet fucked up the rocker ratio) and feck all duration. Trying to come up with a new profile for this now, but im currently broke for a while so dunno when the grind will happen. Cosworth A2 my asshole



also did some recent mucking around with a navigators console for a couple of gauges, button switches for wipers and the horn, and space for a trip meter-



have also decided when i do the cam im going to bin the fucking shit, unequal length, tiny primary, 4 into 1 and tuned for almost 9000rpm cobys and make a set of tuned 4-2-1 extractors. Played around with some potential cam specs and got some pipe diameter and length numbers here, hopefully this happens over the next couple of months. Will bang them together and get them HPC'd


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in more exciting go fast news OS's resident GC neal / khamal / threeonthetree just collected a second hand but barely used 5.1:1 CWP for me.



Same as deeeeeeeeze nuts

Hello 4200RPM at 100kmph haha, i actually might use 5th gear in competition now.

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doooooorts were made

Cant be bothered putting it on youtube sorry. So had reasonable results at the dyno, motor (even tho its stock bottom end) is super super tight so just put a safe tune on it until it loosens up a bit. Pretty happy though as it has bucket loads (405nm) or torque (aided by the 5.1:1 diff) and it is a super flat torque curve and comes on pretty easy. There is a funny dip in the power curve at about 3500 so we are going to go up a choke size to 32mm next time its in, change the ETs to .6 from the current .7 which will then require the mains and airs to go down a bit. so hopefully there might be another 5-10hp in it i would say. but even if not im super happy with how it drives now, its fun on tarmac so should be a laugh on gravel.

first event tomorrow, watch this space.



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so had some more doorts on the weekend at the first round of the engine room automotive sprint series at millstream rd in Weber. Managed to take out a 4age ke25 and just about got a b16a civic. Also put 7 seconds on the other A class starlet that was there, but most importantly i had a huge grin on my face because the car is proper fun to drive now.

Next round of the sprint series is on the 5th of march at Pattison rd in Waipukurau. If any hawkes bay peeps want to come down have a look on the "engine room automotive sprint series" page on facebook for details, if you can fit my spare set of overalls i can squeeze 1 or 2 people in for a ride also, just give me a PM if your keen.

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