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CROOKED's 1984 GX60 Cressida

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Picked her up a few days back, the rt110 has gone to a home where she will be put to good use.

Drove the gx60 back from wanganui to hamilton, ran nicely didn't get hot or have any issues. Found a leak under the passengers foot mat, mouldy carpet but no rust underneath, still yet to find where it's coming from..

Will upload some picture ASAP

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While looking for any damage/rust etc I came across a rather nasty leak in the passenger foot well that's turned the carpet black nearly I found this patch which seems to be the only bit of rust in her. Not sure if it's the culprit for the leak as it's on the drivers side... Scratching my head


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Ke70 wagon rear shocks and some unknown springs I matched up, get rid of the original air Adjustable shocks, still have to remove the compressor and all that extra crap. Front struts are out and off getting bilstein adjustable sleeves and inserts fitted. Next on the list is some new wheels. Finally getting shit done. Checking if the rear shocks will bottom out and if so they will get shortened more.



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