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Sidewaysickness 83 Toyota Hilux


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  • 2 months later...

Had a rush of shit to the brain and managed to get some work done, amazingly only 2 snapped bolts and 2 bolts I had to cut.


Pulled out engine/gearbox/transfer box




Split chassis/cab/deck


and got my loctite rust convert on, gotta love that shit!









Sussed out all the areas of rust that require attention, 

This area started rusting where they had drilled and riveted the cert plate... good work guys!






Chassis rust *note someones been here before...






Todays result was this.







Almost time to switch the ratchet to tighten,

Much happy!

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  • 3 weeks later...

This weekends efforts ;)




cut out rust and patched



Reunited cab and deck with chazzy



Repaired rust in drivers floor pan, undersealed cab floor and cab underside



Fabricated tail light surrounds and welded em in, fitted cheap tardy LED Tail lights



Finally got my NZ Zombie hunting licence 



I may let this spare guard go rusty but not sure yet? thoughts peoples? green or rusty?



Getting there



Happy Days

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  • 3 weeks later...

OK so more progress


Finished painting cab


Tinted top of windscreen, got new rubber and smacked it in using the string trick and a rubber mallet.


Painted inner cab black


finished prep/paint on RH guard, removed alloy flares for powdercoating


prepped/painted doors, spun up some new door hinge pins


degreased prepped and painted engine bay


Grrr kinda getting over this but slowly getting there step by step.

On a good note better phone means better pics!






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English engine love...


Degreased and painted engine in flat black stove paint because its a pot bellied pig of a thing


Replaced valve stem seals, and reset tappets (googling was required)


Blasted and painted rocker covers


and proceeded to slip that black english donk in. To be honest the hole was quite tight, there was sweat, spit and blood involved but once that transfer case was in there was no stopping her from making that noise... the noise of an engine finding its mounting bolts and hitting home.


:blackeye:  :blackeye:  :blackeye: 



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  • 3 weeks later...
  • 4 weeks later...
  • 7 months later...

I guess I should finalize this project after being such a slack cunt with updating it.


So it flew through a VTNZ Wof... YEA RIGHT!! 


After repairing more chassis rust and completely overhauling the rear brakes they just wouldn't balance right. I tried all sorts to get them balanced but in the end I think the wof guy got so sick of retests/seeing my face that he gave it the damn sticker.


I used it pretty much daily for a few months and while being awesomely awesome it used the same amount of fuel as my LTD, Used/leaked more oil than the gulf of mexico incident and the springs were stiffer than your dad on viagra.


Its also put alot of smiles on my face as i surprised plenty of flatpeakers at the lights, climbed some rather large hills and even rescued a rolled Pajero (Spanish slang word meaning 'He who fiddles with himself for sexual gratification'.)


While this project was ALOT of hard work and I swore so much at it, I would do it all again... with at least a solid chassis and ANY engine that isn't English!


So heres the last pics and this will be my last post on this thread









I ended up swapping the truck as part of the deal for the Hino



Thanks for reading/helping/abusing









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