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sidewaysickness 1971 Ford LTD/Galaxie

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Polished up the land barge for my mates wedding the other week. Somehow managed to cover the bridesmaids in rubber shrapnel, still waiting for the professional pics of this happening.


On another note I am working on getting Dan (Blue corolla) signed up and living life to the fullest.






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Yesterday ladaspeed helped me lift the featherweight bonnet off so I could start stripping her down.

Today I only managed to remove 3 things from her today, which I was quite impressed with!

Here's the 3 removed items


Now the car looks like this!


My bumpstops work extremely well!20150726_151007_zpsbllethip.jpg

The length from the front of the bumper and the front of the engine made me laugh20150726_150914_zpsnmnhfhxp.jpg

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The engine and box is almost ready to come out, I really need to build a overkill engine stand before I take it out so I have somewhere to put it.


A package arrived from Merica containing the LTD badges for the bonnet and 2 tail lights, problem now is that one of the lenses has a hole and a crack in it.


I knew about this before purchase as I was going to use part of my current red/orange lens to repair it, the nice American lady was kind enough to throw in part of a broken centre tail light so I will use that instead.


I now put it out to oldschool....  what's the best way to repair a cracked lens?

Do I cut a hole as small as possible around both the hole and the crack and try my best to match the replacement piece?

or cut the broken lens straight in half and glue it together with the repair piece?


Any good experiences with a good clear glue? Loctite 401 good enough?














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So Ive been doing some shit to this shit


Stripped her down like a cheap hooker and laid into her.


Went and brought the nastiest tarpaulins I could find and set up a sandblasting booth




Had to buy a new nozzle and new garnet for works sandblasting unit but at least I'm now using good stuff.

Also borrowed Reco's spare air compressor thinking it should be up to the task... it wasn't. So I trundled off in search of more air, ended up borrowing a mates petrol powered compressor thinking surely with these 2 combined...


The sandblaster seems to work best at around 150 psi but even with one compressor feeding the other I could get about 40 seconds of good pressure before it went flaccid. Not cool! Ill look into hiring a big bastard trailer compressor to do the job.


Anyway...some more pics












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Thought I had pretty prove that progress is actually getting made here.

The following photos are the before and after of the last patch repaired on the body. Which was around the boot lip, quite cunty areas to repair and most corners being made from multiple steel patches. Being hidden I was a bit on the rough side here but it will be functional and not rusty and leaky.






Who am I kidding? I'll end up cleaning that up more.

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