Brennan's 54 chevy kustom

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Bit different and a bit more old school than the average car on here. but thought i would share anyway.


I brought this 1954 chevrolet when I was 13? or 14? after i saw jesse james' in various magazines. Didn't do allot with it for a number of years, but now is coming along quite steadily.


done so far,

Dropped on hq holden ute chassis,

Vn commodore v6, trans and diff with standard arms.

watts linkage

c notched

new boot and back seat floor

lays frame easily :D


coming soon from america, new slam specialty bags, larger tank and valves.

future plans are to

weld up and fix any body damage,

paint oxide red primer

get running






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Redrilled the holes for the rear air bags. As the new ones are allot smaller. Temporarily plumbed them up and used the shop compressor to test them. All the rear geometry looks to work fine and has over 12 inches travel. Very stoked and motervated to plumb it in properly now and get it road legal.

Video soon?

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brought some paint, painted model with it to see what its going to look like.

its oxide red primer and will be everything up to the final coat.



started sanding down the doors and hood with a grinder and linishing discs.

can count up to 7 different colored layers of paint and primer, applied over the last 60 years.


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Finished sanding the doors, boot and hood down;


ANd started painting, love the colour;



-Get the Fenders and hood sandblasted, then paint them too

-Make some body to chassis mounts

-And start to assemble back together.

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spent well over 200 hours on this recently. Have had the body on and off countless times. Trying to get it down low enough. The sills are now as low or lower than the Lexus floor. Just the exhaust hangs lower. But that will all be tucked up.


Started Filling holes left in the Lexus, Plated over, then cut open again to create clearance for Chevy hinges.



The LH sill on the Chevy had been repaired quite well in the past,


The RH sill however had not, so i cut all the rust out, and wire brushed it back to nice metal,


Folded up a new panel welded it in.

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Bit of a change in plans too. here is some hints.


On the Hunt for some of these wheels off a Honda CRV ~2002

Or other 15x6 5x114.3 wheels with a positive  offset between 50 and 60

(the lexus Track width is a bit wide, oops)


Also after another 1994-1997 ls400/Celsior, for suspension arms, cross members, rear subframe, and transmission.

if anybody knows of a low km one that isn't rusty.

And 1989-1991 Ls400/Celsior Calipers (front and Back), please

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