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two_days_late's 1980 MK2 Escort Sport

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Another day in on the car today. Joe and I finished prepping it for the paint shop on Thursday and I dropped it off this afternoon. List of jobs to do are:


- Clean up White Paint

  • Front Screen Surround
  • Rear Screen Surround
  • Sunroof Hole
  • Parcel Shelf
  • Boot
  • Spotlight brackets
  • Wiper Holes

- Paint all trim bits Satin Black

  • Front Panel
  • Around Side Windows
  • Tops of Doors
  • Dash and inside A Pillar
  • Bumpers & Handles
  • Fuel Tank & Cap

It should all be done by next weekend so fingers crossed...




Once that was done, we spent a couple of hours this afternoon cleaning up all the glass so it's ready to go with the new headlining and complete rubber kit.


Method was:


1.) Scraper to remove Silicone / Black Paint over-spray / General Crap

2.) Meths to remove sticky crap left from tints and more general crap

3.) Glass cleaner and news paper


All screens came up looking mint, very happy.







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Paint work's nearly done and it'll be off to the upholsterer this week. Have also got a full rubber kit, new headlining, and a brand new windscreen to go in. Should look bloody good.


Boot's been sealed off with a 3M texture coat and painted white.








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Underseal Clean Up


The underside of the car was sprayed with a bitumen based underseal a few years ago but it never set properly. It's fine under the guards but under the floors it was really wet to touch and looked pretty average. Made the call to strip it off and do it with a better quality product. I was going to leave under the guards with the old stuff, but looking at the new stuff now and how much better it is, I'm going to do the whole thing. Spent some time doing some research on a product that I'd be happy with and it's worked out really well. It's textured enough to make it look tidy, but goes on quite thin, really nice product to work with.


Getting the old stuff off was a pretty terrible job, but a heatgun and a scraper has worked a treat, and although it takes a while was well worth the effort.


Old Bitumen stuff:



After 8ish hours of scraping:



Masked up and ready to go:



Product I went with:



Finished Result (Haven't done outside chassis rails yet)


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New Bits


New Wiring Loom


New Loom has finally arrived from the UK. Took a while to get made up and get here, but the end result looks great. Will probably still need a few mods as I go but I'm very happy with the result.




Inner Door Bits


Have everything I need for the doors now. Combination of new speakers from Hyper, some NOS bits off ebay, and some clips and things from uncle Ali.



Burton Order


Also finally got my latest Burton Power order with a few nice new bits


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Door Card Clean Up


Managed to get hold of some RS2000 door cards a while ago that have been sitting in the shed. They had a chrome strip on them but the chrome had all come off, but were in otherwise good condition. Masked them up and gave them a coat with some satin plastic paint then got stuck into them with some armourall vinyl cleaner and they've come up great.


Original Condition:



Masked Up:






Ready to Go:


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Bit more progress this week. Starting with getting the old trans tunnel brace drilled out (it must have had a different gearbox in it at some stage and someone had mangled the old one), then the new one welded in and sealed (Cheers Joe). Also Por15'd the cross-member and sway-bar so it's ready for the motor to go back in now. Pile of goodies also turned up from the UK.







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We managed to get the motor back in last night without too much trouble. The engine sits in the right position now with the new engine mounts (so the exhaust and carbs fit nicely). Think I have a slightly bent cross-member, and still need to finish sorting the gearbox cross-member and cut the gearbox hole. At least it's in though and can worry about all that next year!



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