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Supercluck's 1976 Skoda 110L De Luxe + VW offroader


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This is my car, 76' Skoda, only had one lady owner before me only done about 35,000kms. Still got shiny paint work from 32 years ago. Pretty happy with it. Only on my restricted license right now so im happy with it as my first car. Dont think Im gonna do any mods to it.

Anyway here are some pics'. Some of the color in the photos are quite off its propably most like photo 4 and 6 not like that poached egg yolk color.








We bought a VW offroader of trademe not going but now its not. The brake master cylinder had a leak so now its got no brakes. Apparently need new seals is that right and where do i get them from?




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Hey, have been driving round the car a lot more now that i have my full and have more places to get to. Anyway have had a couple of problems that i thought i would ask here about, will add some photos as well. Anyway the most annoying problem is that it has great diffulculty in changing down gears from 3rd to 2cd whic means i often have to stop at giveways or just go out in third which is less than ideal. Is this the synchro that is gone or does it need more oil or what? It tends to be able to change down when going up a steep hill which is probably when it needs it most :D .

The other problem which is weird the speedo flicks up and down a lot but if i pull the speedo unit across to the left the speedo stops fliuckering about and becomes steady like a normal speedo.

If someone could help answer these it would be much appreciated.





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Sup all, drove this from Whangarei to Christchurch at the start of the year, didnt miss a beat the whole way was excellent motoring. Couldnt convince my flatmates to come with me or any one else for that matter, no one but me seemed to think it would make it the whole way haha. Have got much more confident undertaking work on the car so ive been able to solve all the problems that have come up so far and do work thats required for a warrant, dont know if you could tell before but i wasnt too confident doing anything cause i though i would break it or make it worse. Much happier to give it a crack now, and if it doesnt work out, well i can ask for help i guess.

Anyway have small problem, i think the alternator/generator has stopped working had to get a push to get me home from hockey. Dont have a battery charge to charge the battery than check the voltage when car is running, anyone in Christchurch able to lend me one. What are the things to check, guess i check the earth the battery and what the voltage going into the battery when its running and when its off. before i turned the car off i had the lights on and revved it to see if they got brighter when it was at higher revs, but there was no change, which is why i though charging rather than battery. battery is 4 months old so dont think its that.

Heres some average pictures from the drive down








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