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palmystar's 1986 Mitsibishi Starion

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The time has finally come to start work on the starion. the escort is pretty much done and the lancer is waiting on some funds for a link so the starion has made it's way into the garage.


Rebuild engine with bigger turbo and multipoint

Make a custom front to go with the kit

Fit coilover suspension

Panel and Paint, don't know what colour yet

Put nice exhaust on it

and ehjoy driving it.

It has only done 37000 miles so the interior is in good condition. gearbox feels to be good aswell and hoping the factory LSD is also in excellent condition.

Side by side starion projects


Pulled the head off. Now have to pull the block out. engine has a loud knocking. Think its big end.



Some shots from different angles











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I am actually pretty motivated atm to make progress on this now its in the shed.  Currently stripping the front and engine bay to clean up any rust and straighten the bent bits.


No nasty surprises as yet but plenty of time for that.

Old school abs unit will be going in the bin i think.


I don't know if this front lip was standard or added. I always thought they were only on the earlier pre intercooled model.



It won't be going back on regardless. 

I have options. but definately keen to have the twin cam head on it.


Will be preserving the door sticker for sure.



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I have been spending a little time her and there chipping away. I won't say making progress because i have to go backwards first before i can achieve anything. 

Started this weekend by pulling the rest of the engine out.  Had to get some help in for this.


Then tonight i spent and hour pulling it down to see what sort of state it is in.


Got the pants off it and had a feel around.  No.4 big end bearing as usual was the worst offender.  No suprises there. so much so that that was the first one i tried. Others felt good.

Proceeded to pull each piston out.

As you can see it has been a little hot.


Crank doesn't look to flash aswell.


No.1 looked good. 2 and 3 had started heading toward failure.


Main bearings show progressive wear with no.1 at the oil pump end looking pretty good and no.5 not looking well at all.


Sparkle oil present at no.5 main journal.



Now i know what is going on with the motor my focus will be on the body for now.  I am starting with the front and will be dropping the front sub-frame, removing anything unnecessary, cleaning and rust repairs plus painting engine bay.

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Sill tinkering away.   I have removed the brakes for disassembling and cleaning. I also removed the front subframe assembly. i was considering a brake upgrade but to be honest the 5 stud starions have always braked pretty well and with a good set of pads they should be fine.  this isn't going to be a track car.



Once they were out it was time to tackle the front guards.  I have been a little concerned about this part and also knowing i have to cut the guard off the side skirt, but unable to decide where to cut i ended up cutting straight down from the front of the front doors.C2jTuF.jpg

the passenger side was the first side i did. it wasn't too pretty but could be allot worse.


The body isn't too bad.  The guard has the majority of the rust but it is hidden behind the fiberglass so the repairs don't have to be to pretty.

Drivers side next and for the first time ever for myself the second side was better.


i was actually able to unbolt this one and the guard itself was in pretty good knick as well.

That's the majority of removing parts for the time being. Now i can get onto cleaning, rust treating and repairing surfaces.


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More dismantling has been done. I have pulled the dash out and the carpet back.  These cars are prone to rusting under the windscreen inside where the wiper assembly is housed.  This car is no exception however the rust is not as bad as i was expecting and allot of it is probably treatable with a sand or wire brush and some rust treatment paint.

The left air vent is probably one of the few places i will have to add some metal.


right hand vent just needs a clean up.


in general its pretty mint behind the dash.


I have pulled allot more off the car than i originally planned but have to make sure its a proper jigsaw to put back together.


Now i have started degreasing the engine bay. Then will be cleaning up all the rust patches and getting the front ready for some paint.

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