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Mint69's 1969 Ford Cortina Mk2


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Well Here's my project car at the moment.Own 2 of them and am in the process of making one good one from 2 cars. Plenty of pics to post as the work progresses. It will be a one of a kind as im not going for the original look.Here's the details on what should be in it when its finished.

Engine: 1600 x-flow which will be modified. will list what as it gets done.

Body: Is going to be Zazzy green which is a metalic green mitsi colour with 1k clearcoat. Chrome strips from the back are not going to be put back on but other chrome bits and peices are.

Wheels: 13x7 polished hotwires( still trying to get some nice tyres, most likey get 205 50's)

Interior: Custom white with green insert bench seats with custom made sub box with amp, front speaker pods, Autogauge gauges, neons under dash, Autotechnica Woodgrain wheel, race pedals, custom painted column change with custom gear knob, Sony Xplod Audio package.

That's just a minor run down but will add more detail as the project comes together

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