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Sexychevette's 1977 Vauxhall Chevette

Guest sexychevette

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Guest sexychevette

Discussion Thread //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/21479-sexychevettes-chevette/?hl=sexychevette

Thought i may as well make a thread for the chevette. Had it for over two years now. Spotted it on the side of the road and told rot808 to buy it. He goes 'nah why dont you buy it dick'. So i did.

Its pretty badass...mods= kustum audio install(not by me, although i did add new 6x9's after the others died), enhanced springs, adjustable panhard rod, sexy widened rostyle wheels in 13x7, custom bonnet opener, fluffy dice, monkeys and union jacks on ariel and back seat. So yeah im pretty useless at doing anything quickly :cry:

Future mods: have a gemini g161z and 5speed gbox, along with a drive shaft and gemini diff. Also have some badass extractors for the engine, just need to suss a carb. Was thinking one of those webbers off those 2L fords but now im thinkn i might add a crazy cam and get some guy who knows stuff about things to do abit of head work on the bitch. Also been looking at bike carbs for a laugh if i do tickle up the engine. Also i want to find some piazza brakes for the front and rear as well as a piazza lsd diff head to go inside my gemini diff.

Also want to learn how to weld so that i can use my welder(acetylene :shock: ) to fix some of the rust under the battery tray and in the floors and around the boot and under the rear window, etc.

so yeah, heres a few pics ive got on my computer. Ill take some more soon cos its lower and the wheels are more rusty.











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Guest sexychevette


hopefully this^

will make way for this thing



Got a big branch and a big south african ready for 1256 removal tomorrow. Just need to find some more bolts to hold gearbox onto g161.... then i can borrow rot808's uncles wifes sisters crane, and put the big isuzu bitch inside my pretty little chevette.

also need some brakes to make my gemini diff useable, or else i need to get drive shaft modified. Oh and need to build me a gbox cross member for isuzu unit. And work out crazy fuel set up.

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Guest sexychevette

Realised my thread needs pics of what the car actualy looks like. Stole these from the events thread.






Everybody loves a chevette...even drunk eskimos


^thats the height i want...hopefull acheiveable with a bit of guard rolling...maybe not to wise tho as the engine will be geting damn close to the ground. Rot808 reckons skid pans will solve this :lol:

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Guest sexychevette

Ok. So two weeks ago i decided i couldnt be fucked puting the gemini engine in before the nats. To much stress, couldnt be fucked, etc.

We'll on Wednesday afternoon i changed my plan :D decided the isuzu gemini which i had aquired wasnt really worth doing up....but that left me with shitloads of parts...

Stuff been hapining :D Tis a short term engine swap untill i get the 13b ready.

Some pics of my Mission to mt Maunganui to get the gemini. Was a two day thing ;D first day(tuesday night) involved the chevette catching fire and the gemini loosing all power(including lights) and ending up in a ditch(taking out a road marker on the way :P).

Second day(wednesday) was when we went back for the gemini in the piazza.









When i got it home i took the diff out(in the rain on the side of the road ;D). Yesterday i took the diff out of the chevette and put the gemini one into it. Didnt bother cleaning/servicing the diff or anything. Might top up the oil in the morning tho. Dont plan on using it much untill i find my piazza lsd head and brakes. Then ill get some decent oil, clean it up, wheel bearings etc.



Guna sort those shocks tomorrow! might use the front ones out of the gemini. theyre nice newish gas ones.


Yeah so droped out the chevette engine today. Damn rain made for slow work. Hoped to get more done but meh, still making good time. Still on target! will have my holden engine and five speed box in the chevette tomorrow. Hopefully all wired up etc by sunday :D

edit: heres my holden gemini engine. Isuzu g161z. Extractorzzzz! prob guna use the intake off the yellow isuzu, my holden one's in a few bits and carbs in little pieces confuse me!


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Guest sexychevette

Ok i didnt really have much time to work on the chevette this weekend. But still made a bit of progress :P managed to find enough nuts and bolts to attach my engine to the gearbox, then i got them both into the chevette and siting on the engine mounts...dosnt look like this is gona be quite the bolt in affair i was hoping for. Prob gunna have to do some cuting off the front end so that i can fit a radiator in. Probably will run the chevette one but further foward than standard. Id probably have to cut too much steel to use the gemini one. Made the discovery that my gemini is running an electric fuel pump! haha the first time i looked inside the boot was this afternoon... had a look at the engine and the place where the mechanical pump mounts has been blocked off. So after seeing all this i removed the tank from the gemini(put the gas into my skyline) and started to remove the chevette tank, but then it got dark :cry:

Looks like i might have to run the gemini brake cylinder. Theres not quite enough clearance to get the gem inlet on with the chevette master. Figure i may as well install the gemini one now, as i planed to do it in the future anyway. So yeah, heaps of work in the next couple of days!! :P


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