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Macabre's Mitsubishi Sigma Estate


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Ok ok i know we call them station wagons :lol: i was just trying to be flash

its original condition inside, the outside has the mitsi blue paint fuckup and a couple of dents, not really major tho. Done 170km and not used fuckall the last couple of years. Motor seems ok but the carb isnt opening the secondary's which makes it a bit sluggish. Does anyone know of a easy way to fix that?? Gonna keep an eye on the oil consumption for a couple of days and maybe use the motor to get my white L300 going. If it does use oil ill just keep it for a few weeks till i get my van back and then sell it. Considering cutting the springs as well. Ive got spare front springs here but i need some spare rears if anyones got them or knows of any to fit in Would lancer ones fit or be too small?






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