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Flick's 1982 Datsun 1200 Ute "XSVNRG"


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My little Datsun 1200 ute...


As it was when I first bought it... 2 owners , Genuine 135,000kms... full service history


and it's now turned into this...



All that is left is a very bare shell and the necessaries to roll it around,

Engine , gearbox , driveshaft , radiator , STEERING , Electrics , have all been removed...

Time for new motivation!!!!! :twisted:

I have had the new engine for a while now , and have been accumulating parts... I sourced a nice 5-speed box... and on the weekend

I got my gearbox adaptor....... Mmmmmmmm Cast Alloy

It's so purdy...

I shall post pictures later ;)

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Small update , but a big update of sorts...

The ute has finally left my possession.

This is the last thing I saw of it..


It was sad to see it go , after months of having it sitting , unattended and looking worst for wear , it's finally gone...

I sure hope they do a good job of fitting the engine!

Fucking hooray , it's on it's way down the line to a Racecar Fabricator to install the engine / gearbox / new front end / new steering. I still cannot believe it's all happening. Scary really , after putting down a large deposit of the actual work , I suppose there's no going back.



Muahaha... Rear Mounted 1UZFE?... ( Yes , this way discussed as a possibility )


So yeah , it's all go , I've paid the money , the Fabricator has got the ute , there's no turning back... I hope to have some pictures as it progresses. God , I'm all goofy with excitement. It's been SO long in waiting for this...

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I thought it was time for an update:

The front of the truck has been COMPLETELY re-engineered. Basically anything that was Datsun... isn't anymore.

Series 4 front end ( Struts , hubs , discs , 4-pot brakes , rack steering system ) has been modifed and slotted in.

The struts are now a coilover setup with adjustable tops on them.

We are awaiting arrival back of the Crossmember with the new mounts on it and then the firewall will be cut , shut and modified to suit.

The Sump is getting custom made with new positioning of the large "buldge" thats in the way...

The Hilux Diff is the next port of call after this is all finished , it's going to be cut down to suit the 10" wide rear and then a 5-link is being fabricated up and installed.

All in all... it is actually happening , and things are working...

Bit fucking scary actually...

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