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Found 1 result

  1. ,---Edit 29/10/18--- apologies for distinct lack of pictures, photo hosting site I was using ceased existing, and a majority of pics went with it...... Well guys, after years of saying I was gonna do it, Im ACTUALLY doing it. Bought a 1922 Buick model 45 cowl for $150, its in pretty good nick for its Then got a chassis out of a 1st gen L200 Sport for $90 Cost $140 to redo the lower inner, radius rod, sway bar and sway bar link bushes. Found some shorter springs at the junkyard...freebie Rolling stock are standard Mitsi L200 4wd rims painted gloss red with 225/75/15s on the rear and 185/60/15 fronts. No V8 motorvating this...... Mighty 3.3 and trimatic cost $240out of a 79 VB Commodore, (I thought I was a Ford guy WTF????) Good ol tardme.... While Picking the engine and box up from Auckland the guy produced an ultra rare Lynx 186 manifold complete with 2 matching original 2" SU carbs and brand new filters (surface rust of course....)......Best score so far....$150!!!!!! Will take a pic soon. Reason for the six is its different, cheap to run and cost knaff all. And with a V8 in a 109" wheelbase rod it would look kinda stupid Headers and EH 179 sump and pickup to make a rear bulge pan.... $5 This weekends mish is remove the front, intermediate and deck mounts and throw the engine/box in the frame. Its a big project........