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Found 1 result

  1. Bought my kids these 24v Electric scooters from kmart last year they go ok but battery life is average. So i biffed 2 milwaukee m18 drill batterys in one no smoke came out and made hoon time around an hour and a Cringe worthy 55-60 km/h top speed (Limited with a grub screw back to a sensible yet fun speed for the kiddies) In short the white one had a chain drive arrangement the other are Gilly belt drive when the white Finally cooked its motor i started looking for a bigger watt leccy motor for it which are reasonably Priced Batterys ARE NOT so i cast my eye to my new waterblaster in the garage.......... The Dummy Up So after this i wasnt happy with the solid plastic rear wheel so hit trademe up for an alternative and found a cast alloy centred one that came with a solid rubber tyre its also got a neet little drum brake Got Stuck in today made up the engine mount plate i opted to sit the engine over the rear wheel to give a bit more deck room (i future proofed it here and predrilled the plate for a 7hp motor as well) Which Leaves me here i need a jack shaft to make it all work Opinions and hookups for stuff would be appreciated im hoping to get it all running for christmas holiday hooning should be pretty well balanced and 87cc 4 stroke should be plenty to haul my ass around to the dairy etc. it runs a tiny sprocket and chain on the rear wheel im hoping i can use it but may need to swap it out for something bigger bearing in mind the wheel is only 6.5".