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Found 2 results

  1. Lord Gruntfuttock

    LG's 1985 Yamaha TT250 Thumper

    So despite having no money, multiple other projects, and house renovations to finish, I bought this recently, a 1985 Yammy TT250. Was watching a few old trailies on the tard when this one didn't sell, and he offered it at $350. Was local so I immediately pulled the trigger knowing nothing about it. Good things: it's a new bike project Plus, they're a decent old model, all plastics are there, overall in not bad shape, throws a spark, and suspension seems sound. Also eligible for VMX racing I believe... Bad things: front wheel fucked, seat cover ripped, no idea on condition of motor (has a patched hole in cyl head) front brake needs work, some plastics are cracked, and not a Honda (purely for parts availability)...
  2. crispymk2

    crispymk2's Honda GB400

    Thought I might pop a thread up about the GB400 I picked up recently as I slowly try to tidy up some of the dodgy bits. Day one at home: Plenty of dodgy bits to choose from. First problem was there was zero rear brake. The seat had a big hole in the rear section and was held on to the bike with a nylon strap. The bar-end mirrors have stupidly long bolts that very nearly hit the tank, the battery was rooted, air filter was black, rear tyre was square, foot peg rubber consisted mainly of blue electrical tape, front guard looked to have been finger painted by a 2 year old and generally pretty grubby but was running well. After a new air filter, oil change, rear tyre, battery and fresh foot peg rubbers I started stripping the bike down to polish all the stainless bits. I chopped the huge front guard down a bit and painted it matte black to hide it a bit. And this is how it looks at the moment. Just want to tidy up the engine covers and casings a bit more, sort out the ugly exhaust box and bar end mirrors. Might also lower the clip-ons, guages and head light but just enjoying riding it for now.