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  1. Russell builds a F50 (SOG)

    Suzuki Owners Group, Take One Tried to order everything I could think of at once, hopefully more than half of it works / fits. List for future reference / if anyone wants to do similar and for myself to order replacement parts. Por15 tank sealer NOS leg shield inddicator assemblies BIG BLOCK! GPX 140cc Motor MIKUNI - PZ30 30mm Carb CDI - 8 Pin Race Wiring Loom - 8 Pin x2 Vesrah brake shoes VB312 Clutch, Brake and Throttle cable Dual Layer Pod 44 x 102 15deg Angled Uni Filter Domino Tommaselli Throttle Petrol tubing neoprene 3/16"i.d. black (m) Fuel Filter x2 Brake & Clutch leavers 2008/09 Hayden Paddon poster "signed . . . oh what! x2 275-17 HF307 Trail tyres x2 Tubes & Rim Tapes for rusty rim jobs New side stand Carb Manifold Intake Rotator Adapter image hosting Frame water blasted and ready for re assembly ish. how to take a screenshot on a The plan is to try and retain some patina with new running gear in places required. So far the frame is a fair bit more different than from the Honda CUB family so this might not be the simple bolt in job I expected, hence the grinder on standby. Getting the carb to fit will the least fun! Que Rotator Adapter If anyone speaks to the wife . . . all the above only cost a box of beer! LETS DO THIS