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Found 1 result

  1. well then. where to start? my first car was a 75 and ive always regretted selling my red one back in 09 or whenever it was. ive had approx 9 of these over the years and now currently today i own two. yep, i bought another one. i still have the rusty one i bought a few months back and now i have this one as well. it came with a whole bunch of paperwork which tells me that its done 144,000 miles since new and the engine asd trans was majorly overhauled 40,000miles ago. it runs quite well and drives as well, the auto is smooth and feels really nice. as with all old toyotas all the electrics work and it still has the original radio with the floor mounted seek switch. the brakes are fucked so that's being addressed right now but nothing else as yet, christ, ive only had it one day. its got some rust around the rear arches and the boot floor is abit rusty but apart from that is legit as fuck. everything is there, and its not been fucked with to badly, hell, it still had the factory setting shims for the front brake calipers. what to do with it? well, eventually it'll get the full treatment but for now i might just get it legal and drive it. fuck knows. oh, and it came with a sedan which ill paint then sell. i guess ill start a seperate thread for that. if anyone wants a mint sedan hit me up. so to recap, i have two MS75s and two MS65s. one 65 is def a parts car although its pretty good really and fuck knows about the rest of them. time will tell i suppose. 2018-03-08_05-25-54 by sheepers, on Flickr 2018-03-08_05-25-45 by sheepers, on Flickr 2018-03-08_05-25-35 by sheepers, on Flickr and heres a picture of Richie foaming in his dream car 2018-03-04_05-41-57 by sheepers, on Flickr