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Found 1 result

  1. Here’s my 1985 Toyota hilux, and long boring blurb on how I came to have it. Always had the plan of having three cars. The small powerfull weekend/track car. A low power RWD to beat on that’s something different for a daily. And a 4wd for towing said cars and family trips with occasional off roading. Didn’t plan on buying one until after we bought our house. But with the unfortunate event of the daily being damaged, WOF running out and it’s future still being unclear. I started looking at shitty $500 cars to get around. After a week the Miss’ suggested just going for it and getting a 4wd, with the condition of it having 4doors. Otherwise I’d then have 4 2dr cars haha now armed with cash I started looking for the 70 series landcrusier I’ve alway wanted. Couple weeks of looking, and nothing turned up. All the 4drs were auto and 2.4L. All the 3.4L manual turbos where two door and either rough and thrashed or just out of my price range. Then I came across this.. nz new 1985 toyota YN65 hilux. i was drew to it by being 4wd, solid front axle, 187,000kms, ten years worth of wof sheets, orginal black plates, and being in the South Island they seem to have less rust. had a mate in chch in the auto industry check it over for me on the Tuesday, negotiated price and bought it Wednesday, flew down Friday after work to pick it up. checked it over that night, and left on our adventure 4.45am on the Saturday. dove the beaten up coastal witch was cool, never been through there. Definitely a lot of work that needs to be done after the quakes. caught the interislander witch is also a first. Made it a bit over 580km’s before we had any trouble. Rad cap had a tiny leak, and over the trip all the coolant had evaded out. Before we realised we’d made a wrong turn and trying to make it back to SH1 to get to our motel in turangi the temp flew sky high. now stuck on a random back road, no cell phone reception, a nice old boy pulled over to lend a hand. He’d had a few beers and had 6 gutted and skinned sheep sitting bare on the tray of Ute, followed him up to his for a yarn and some water and continued on. After 9.5 hours driving we were glad to made it to the motel just after midnight. Sunday morning we made it toTaupo and got a new rad cap from Repco and continued on, only for it start over heating quicker and quicker. Water pump seal had gone and it was now pumping water out of the motor.. with no water pumps close to SH1 and minimal tools the decision was made to continue on. driving 10mins, topping it up 1.5L of water, driving 10mins, topping it up 1.5L of water, dri.... stopped at every single gas station aside from takanini to top up the bottles we bought in Taupo. turned a 4.5hr drive into a 8.5hr drive.. but hey, made it home and had a lot fun along the way