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Found 1 result

  1. Let's talk about muff. This thread is basically aimed at KPR as he's been playing around with mufflers a lot lately, but I'm keen for everyone's input. I'm about to fit a new muffler to the race car and am looking for something that will sound good - unlike the flowmaster copy that is on there currently. At the moment is sounds cackly/raspy and I'd like to to have a more pure 4cyl tone. My aim isn't quietness, but flow and tone is important. The Flowmaster copy is something like this: So far the only option I've looked at in person is a Coby stainless straight through, fibre packed muffler (full muffler, not just a resonator) that measures 320L x 265W x 140H with an offset inlet and centre exit. It's a similar style to this: Or possibly more like this: Now there are a few key factors that will effect the outcomes: Muffler placement Pipe Size Muffler size? Muffler/baffle style Fluted pipes Resonance chambers Material (steel/stainless/aluminium) etc My current setup has the muffler in the belly of the car - just in front of the diff - with a ~1m stainless pipe out to the back. It'll be 3" inlet and outlet with no other mufflers or resonators. What have people found when using different mufflers in different locations? How does the pipe length before and after the muffler change the sound or effectiveness of the muffler? What type of muffler saps the most horsepower? I've also considered going to a side pipe, but it'll be a challenge to fit a decent muffler if I do. Funnily enough, I've always preferred the sound of the car with no muffler at all (there have been 3 occasions... One was open headers after bellying a ripple strip and losing the whole system on the last lap of a race ). I realise there aren't any definitive answers to this question, so share the results you've found with different cars and arrangements. Any input appreciated and other people's questions are also welcome here. Share away.
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