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Found 1 result

  1. For those of you who know me, know I'm a mitsubishi pest. For those who know me even better, know I'm an absolute sucker for mk2 mirage wagons. Spotted this wee duck when we first moved to chch about 3 and a half years ago parked at muscle car madness. Shat my daks tbh, JDM spec twin sunroof wagon. First one of them I'd ever seen. Having seen it around a few times since then and pining hard everytime I knew I needed to acquire it at some point. Fast forward to a couple months back and @azzar found out that it resided only a couple blocks away from me. So of course I did what had to be done and left a note on old m9s window. I then get a call from him in the afternoon and he yarns to me about it, calls it the "mitsuferrari" and tells me the motor is buggered in it, perfect, I'm thinking as this is bargaining power. We agree on a very reasonable price for it. And we pick it up the next day. Combing over it once we got it back to the workshop it's actually a really tidy, rust free little car. Promptly fucked off the ugly mesh grille and hubcaps, replaced the starter motor, as that was all that was "buggered" about it. And she runs smooth as silk. He had put a catch can in as he reckoned the motor was very tired and kept filling it up with oil. Nothing wrong with the motor per say aside from when it's cold, the head drains very poorly so oil fills up in the rocker cover then globs it out into the catch can. Hence it filling up so fast. Took it for a fang once I'd got it running.