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  1. So I brought a fucked FA50 off some joker on here that had a super bent super rusty frame and the exhaust threads in the barrel were chooched and someone had tried to weld the exhaust to the barrell. Then cam gave me his bent FA frame so i had two, then sparkle aquired a whole bunch of FZ50 bits (pretty much a hole bike except frame) so i decided to hash the lot together with no real plan or direction. heres what happened - decided that it might be a good idea to use a little centre frame piece from the rust FA50 frame to stretch the other one, bent the other one straight before i did this- then cut a section out of the rusty FA and jamed in in the centre- I really like the steel FZ wheels cos they are wider and can get lush tyres for them, im going to trim the frame so i can run the entire FZ engine / gearbox and use the FZ rear wheel, will run a 110/90-12 tyre to get the same rolling diameter as an FA wheel which sould give it a bit longer legs. Also running the FZ leading link front forks, to do this i sacrificed a set of FA forks to cut the tube out of them and then cut the FZ tube out and welded the FA tube into the FZ forks. Works out looking something like this - also trimmed the seat a bit flatter, mate of mine has a powdercoating setup so will PC the wheels, bars and possibly rack black. Frame will go red as i have left over red from the rally car. So far it owes me $40, aim is to finish it for under $200 including new tyres and powdercoating, air filter, seat vinyl etc. Penny Pinchers SC for life