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Found 1 result

  1. Hey guys been browsing this forum for a while now but only just took a picture of my car so I can throw up a project thread. Cars a matt black 1966 Prince B200 with a 3.3L engine and 3spd column change with overdrive. Goes well for what it is, gets the death sways at about 90+ mph though. Was browsing trademe one day last year for something old a different and this popped up. Got the owner to send my heaps of pictures cause it was in taupo, caught the bus down that weekend and drove it back up. costed 2400 which i thought was a score for something with wof/reg/cert. bonus points as has a cb/pa system too. since getting it home its proven itself to be rather unreliable with every outing usually leading to something interesting and most likely annoying happening. I had to fix fuel lines and fit new filters as the glass bowl ones were sucking a bit of air in and causing car to die when put under load, rebuild carb, the whole ignition side of it rather arse so redid all that and since last nights drive its developed a nice sticky accelerator which i may need to sort soon. rust wise it has nothing wrong with it as far as i can tell. the last guy did a crap job prepping before painting it so needs some loving. Car has stock rear suspension with cut springs in front, about 80mm from sump to ground. may need to do something about that. Plans are original hubcaps/hubcaps that look the part there and some whitewalls. will need to lower the rear at some point, rake looks cool though. Was going to repower with a holden 308 but those plans have fallen through. More pictures to come.