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  1. Discuss: // So my project thread started out on Club-K then moved to Toyota Team 80's then Toyspeed. Now here I am. I'll just put in some historical highlights rather than copying the whole 14 pages/6 years.... I started off in 2005 with a KP61 4 door, for $300 from Pick A Part. I was all like ermhegerd must have rotoreee because I was in my early 20's. Then I wanted to get a 4age... Then a low km CA18ET single cam 1800 turbo from an S12 silvia became available for FREE!!! Over a period of 3 months THE STARVIA was born. But after about a year or two, I got rear ended while waiting at an intersection. The car was sandwiched between a big ute and a twat in an accord. The damage was mostly to the shell so I could salvage everything else including some panels. The buy back value of the car according to the insurance company was $300 So the insurance money got me a 2 door with no engine leaving change for UPGRADES! Upgrades like: LSD, coilovers, a 2nd bucket seat, intercooler.