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Found 3 results

  1. Bellett I recently purchased to replace my aw11 i sold bought unseen on trademe, bit of a risk but pretty happy with the result, runs and drives well, had a wof 2011, reg on hold bad points -Doors -Guards -3x small bits of rust to weld patches in, boot shut, top of one sill and passenger floorpan, overall not bad though -wayyy too high -paint to do -either find better doors and guards or repair current ones -strip paint to bare metal, started already -paint, will do myself, thinking gulf blue or similar at this stage, maybe black bonnet -low -interior re-trim -misc trim bits, seals etc -in future g161z from holden/isuzu gemini but current g150 will stay for a while Delivery Interior, all gauges work, some bits to remove, wheel to be re-done after removing front trim bits, started stripping paint after this ass shot worst rust to repair (apart from FL guard, and its not even a bit hole More bog than guard paint has 2-3 layers so a lot of places look way worse in photos, rear arches are mint, nothing under carpets except for small hole Inspiration colour I am thinking
  2. So got this bellett was guna drive it home to whangarei but decided to trailor it. Thank god cause prob would of made it to motorway and not much futher. Back barakes all seized up, have fixed them had a look at why overheating, pulled of thermostat housing no thermostat! not a good sign so been pulled apart and this is what we have found. mmm nice wasnt quite leaking yet but would of been no good for the circulation. So of came the head ] lovley, cant beleive this thing has been used as a daily!! allmost no water flow ] ] so here the fun begins almost imposible to track down water pump let alone a head set or something to match but have located a pump and going to get gasket duplicated anyway brad heres my gasket ] and heres a copy of the g161 apparently ]