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Found 2 results

  1. I've finally managed to score my first Datsun... ...a rare 521 Pickup! Just got this home the other day, and have been stuck into it trying to get it to go, but the Auckland weather has other plans. So far, I've washed the mountain of rat poo out of the battery tray, and removed the rats nest above it, thankfully with no rats to be found. However, the little buggers have had lots of wires for lunch, rendering the ignition useless. This is the first thing to be re-done. The plan is to get rid of the farmer spec wooden bed on the back and get a wellside for the truck, to make it more of a "pickup". It's running an L20B, that doesn't actually run. Spent today playing around trying to bypass all the shit wiring, but to no avail. Sparks at the points, but not at the plugs. Replaced dizzy cap, coil, leads, and... ...nothing! Have heard that these L series dizzys can pack up when they feel like it, so I'm just gonna replace it (preferably with elec. ingition). Hopefully that gets us up and running. Engine has a mean looking set of extractors, and twin Hitachi SU carbs, so I'm hoping that it has a bit of "go" to it. Came with a spare diff with an Alloy head that turns out to be an LSD which will be lots of fun :)) Really straight truck for what it is, shouldn't be too long before we're on the road. Better photos when it's not raining. Cheers OS, Jack.
  2. Build: Suggest me things! The plan is to get it on the road, and then tear it apart and do everything properly (engine & bay tidy up, chassis cleanup etc...) Cheers