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Found 1 result

  1. RotaNate

    Suzi FA50

    Havnt done one of these in a long time and with summer coming up I’ve been seeing a lot of builds I follow pop up with updates as they edge closer to completion. This got me to thinking...I’ve been tinkering with something trying to get it ready for summer, why aren’t I documenting it! So here I am This is my 197something Suzuki FA50 Bit of history on how I ended up with her... I always had the mentality of ‘scooters are for fags, why don’t they get a real bike!’ But after being taken out on my first ‘scooter mish’ with a few of the lads, that perception all changed! It was a blast! Cheap to run (I think I spent $7 on petrol for the whole night), no WOFs to worry about and cheap registration. Not to mention you can practically go anywhere on them. From there I was hooked. I owned a couple of newer scooters I bought off mates (it’s how I have most the things I have...cheers boys!) and now we get to here. i was in the process of buying the bad boy pictured below...A Suzuki SJ50QT I hadn’t yet payed for it when the FA50 popped up for sale from the brother in law and at a price I couldn’t resist! Loving almost anything pre 80’s I had to have it! i had a chat to my mate I was buying the SJ50 off and we ended up coming to an agreement. He didn’t want the hastle of selling so said if I sold it over the price I was going to buy it off him for I could keep the profit for my self So I sold the SJ50 for $150 more than I bought it for from my friend and that was just over what I needed to pay for the FA50. So esstianlly through a few GC’s I pretty much got the FA for free!