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Found 1 result

  1. After a bit of a yarn at the Oldschool Monthly Meet last night, it seems like a great idea to run another one of these. To give those of you who didn't attend the last one an idea of what is involved, here is the previous thread: We travel from Auckland down to Hamilton on the 30th of April, attend Midnight Upholstery's Open Day, visit the Hamilton classic car 'Classics Museum' and the associated swap meet that will be occuring on its grounds. The classics Museum Swap Meet is a $5 entry per person but children under 15 or those who look younger than 15 like chees- are free. There is a wide range of food available including the Diner themed restaurant at the Classics Museum itself, a BBQ at Midnight upholstery which is less than five minutes away or a wide range of Waikato culinary delights including Waikato Draught, pies and McDonalds. And some decent food too puhuhu. Since the drive from Auckland to Hamilton is probably the shittiest drive in the country IMO, we could always meet at the Drury BP and take one of several alternative routes to Hamilton including: - Turning off SH1 at Pukekohe, cutting across through Tuakau and heading south through Pukekawa on SH22. Then heading East back to SH1 through Glen Murray along Glen Murray road. This road and the area south of Tuakau are good driving roads with a lovely bush scenery and plenty of hills, corners and straights. This route would see us rejoin SH1 at Rangiriri. - Turning off SH1 at Pokeno, heading South through Pukekawa on SH22 but continuing even further South through Naike, crossing the border into the Waikato shortly after and then turning East onto Hetherington road and joining SH1 back at Huntly - Turn off SH1 at Rangiriri, Head South through Rotongaro, Glen Afton and Glen Massey, thenheading into Hgaruawahia and on to Hamilton. Or feel free to suggest another route. There are roads to the East of SH1 but they aren't as entertaining or enjoyable to drive through as the ones on the West as suggested above. But I am open to feedback as it's all about what you guys and girls want. Link to the Hamilton Swap Meet: http://classicsmuseum.co.nz/events A bit about Midnight Upholstery (64Vauxhall's business): https://www.facebook.com/midnightupholsteryltd/?fref=ts
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