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Found 1 result

  1. So now that I had swindled my way into getting a scooter I thought what better than find one for Beth to ride. So I was on the hunt for a bigger and better scooter for something for @Mrs 64valiant to learn to ride on and maybe something I could ride on weekends also. But mainly so Beth could come riding with me on our lame ass adventures. (gives me an excuse to buy a scooter) so while talking to another guy about what he just brought I mentioned I liked a fr50 on trade me. He said oh I have one of them. Pretty average condition but all there. Well a deal was struck and he brought it into town. It sat in the work shop for a day and when Beth was in the next day I sprung it on her that I had brought her a Xmas present.... Which she said you better have not brought a bloody boxer puppy. (always tagging her and threatening that I'm going to just buy one) she was happy it wasn't a dog. But also wasn't happy it was a scooter....... This is it. Well this is what it did look like and what it looked like when I got it. The plan is to get it going and Beth can shoot into work from my shop to her office on the days she works in Hamilton. Also a bigger and easier bike for her to learn to ride on. It some what looks like this is my work shop atm. @flyingbrick has taken the front forks away to weld up some rust and make a base plate for some new handle bars. Few things will need to be purchased to make it great again. But we will get there.
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