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Found 2 results

  1. Saw this pop up in a buy/sell/swap group on Faceballs last week for next to nothing. I ignored it for a few days and decided I'd go see it if it was still there on the weekend. Low and behold! It was. So here she is: She was running on pick up but was last used on a farm so the engine and such was super dirty. Slowly took the plastics off. Plan on ditching the rear plastics but I'm gonna try fix up the front legshield, or source another one if possible. Sadly the fs50 legshields seem to be few and far between. Not even reproduced anymore, unlike the fa50 or fz50 ones which can still be sourced pretty easily. And that was as far as I got on the day of pick up. Got back to it last night and she's running again. Planning on tidying up a few things like the wheels, exhaust, filter. Get her road legal shortly and ride through the summer before giving her the royal treatment next year.
  2. I swapped a bucket seat for this bike a few years back and it's been sitting in my Dad's shed ever since. I had no information about what it was or when it was built, all I knew was that it was a badass 50cc motorbike that I needed. I assumed it was an FS1E. It's time to do something with it, so I picked it up on the last trip to Palmy and send the engine/frame number to www.yambits.co.uk to figure out what it was - they came back saying it's a 1974 Yamaha FS50 (newer than I expected). The frame has a small amount of rust, but it's easily fixable, and there are a few other things that need sorting - stripped spark plug thread, possible points issues and it sounds like the rotary valve is out of time. I'm in two minds about what to do with it. Most of me says modify it into a small cafe/brat style bike and another small part says restore it back to normal... What do y'all reckon? Inspiration:
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