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Found 2 results

  1. Discussion for my cresta
  2. So I got this Pc cresta locally, remembered seeing it sitting on blocks in a driveway a few streets away from my place, and recognised it as the car I used to see outside a local pie shop each day. Looked like it had sat a while now and was starting to turn green, and rusty. Knocked on the door, the owner (former pie maker) stopped using it when the business closed down and it sat since. long story short i brought it about a month later. Reg still on hold, was pretty tidy under the slime and grime, filled to the roof with clothes and all sorts. Took a day at his emptying it out, airing it out, trying to get it started and getting it back on the ground. Never got it started, was a bit brewed up, coil looked shot, distributor hadn't been sitting in the engine and it was generally bro'd up under the bonnet. flat towed it home being so close, brakes seemed to work okay considering how long it sat, managed to get it running, had an immobiliser and some wires had corrodded under the dash due to the amount of clothes and moisture in the car. Ran okay, took a bit of tuning and some new plugs fuel and the basics, took it for a drive round the block, guy i brought it off slapped a 4 speed bedford box in it, a fairy rinsed one too, no second gear and the gearstick was too big to get into first, kept hitting the dash. changed the gearstick and it was driveable. Since then I washed it, took it for a wof, fixed the various things it needed, one being the rust in the left rear quarter, got it cut out and painted.
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