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Found 2 results

  1. Discuss away Build Thread here //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/49951-alasdairs-1974-ke25-corolla/
  2. Ok so here is the ke20 project I have been saving all my fun tokens in the dont tell mum fund for. I initially bought it in WA Straya while working over there. From the pics you will wonder why it needs to become a project again as it looks finished and clean .... however.... after about a year of ownership bubbles of rust started popping up and as is the way the more you look the more you start to find. Im thinking that the previous owner had a sketchy re spray done over bad metal. I brought it with me when I decided to move home to NZ , which firmly planted it in the car I will own for life coz its cost me more than its worth category. Current plan is to strip it out , put on a chassis rotisserie and get it blasted , paneled and re painted. put it all back together again ..voila. Needs to be repair certified as a "damaged import" so I have found a panel beater that can do that work. Mods that had been performed in WA , where no annual WoF testing is done. Adjustable front suspension Nice 2 inch full thru stainless exhaust. Not sure what went into building the engine (5k) but it certainly has a lumpy AF cam in it. Crane cams ignitions pieces fireball xr3000 etc. One rear leaf removed. Brakes changed to ke30 units 5 speed box. Since in NZ Removed the old standard carb, which had been badly tuned to the engine mods and put a ford 1600 Gt unit on. Had to fiddle around with a few different jetting set ups but it purrs now in all gears. Had the front struts re welded for certification. - need to find somewhere to have them crack tested. The guy I had lined up to get this done claims that the people he was going to use mainly do truck parts and dont really want to look at my struts. sigh righto. During Corona lock down Fully stripped interior and ready to lift out the engine. Just the wiring harness and maybe brake hard lines will be left in it. Today's mish - measure up and plan out the rotisserie.
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