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Found 2 results

  1. Well thought id add something here So I had been looking around for a old school car for a number of years. Something complete that I could drive and cruise. After being so picky and selective, I missed out on a couple of nice cars. Here I have recently picked up a 1973 Holden HQ Statesmen. Trademe special, saw it in Fielding and thought id go check it out. looked good in the pics. 57500km, 5 personal owners. First impression were it was a good looking car. Owner drove it in the first 5 years of ownership then sat in the shed till 2015 with regular startups and drives. also looked like it happened with all other previous owners, drive for a while and sat there. one was a deceased estate then stayed in the family with a son for a number of years doing nothing. First owner was an Auckland Holden dealer. All the windows looked brand new, hardly any scratches or water stains. The paint looked good, a little thin in places with specs of surface rust breaking through, to be expected after 42 years I guess. all the power windows worked. started easy. quiet running engine, no ticks or nothing. The interior was mint. one slight tear in fabric on drivers seat. original working AM radio with a dial to switch from front or rear speaker. Dealer installed Air Con by the looks. doesn't work, presumed to need regassing. doesn't bother me. the fan blows a lot of air and vented out front and side. much better than the standard HQ fan anyway. Engine was quiet, no oil or water leaks. though some gaskets could do with replacing as oil seeps through. checked the oil, it was down to the Low mark. so need to keep an eye on that. oh yeah, the doors. Sat in one of the front seats and closed the door. wow, no effort needed to pull the door shut. the springs are good in this one. actually I sat there and opened and closed the door about 15 times. just touch the door and it clicked shut. just like new. Checked out an ashtray in one door, it was half full with cigarette butts. the owner didn't smoke, so someone beforehand did and meant the current owner didn't clean the car super thoroughly. good old cable operated boot opener. original jack and accessories in the boot. I haven't even looked at the spare wheel, its still full of air anyway Owner took me for a cruise around the block. no squeaks, rattles as an old Holden does. Super comfy and smooth ride over humps and bumps. Has a little bit of kick for what it is Had another look over the car and took a few photos. ran it through my mind and bit the bullet. Sold. Ended up taking it for a drive around the block myself, oh so nice. Back to the house and inside for a cuppa tea before heading off on the long trip back home and figuring out how to get it home Discussion Thread
  2. Please ensure the title for your new project thread is in the following format: Username - Year - Model description As an example of the preferred title format: "Spencers 1970 Buick Estate Wagon" Having uniform titles makes the project section easier to search/locate, please add some tags also to make searches more efficient. To host your images on oldschool itself see here: //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/43667-hosting-project-photos-on-oldschool/ To find out how to host your photos externally see here: //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/34643-how-to-add-pictures-to-the-forum/ Also make sure you have checked out the rules for the project section here: //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/18153-forum-rules-everyone-must-read-before-viewing-or-posting/ Please delete this message and post your thread.
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