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Found 1 result

  1. So here it is my daily, I plan on keeping this car for the long haul as after owning numerous cars i have learnt what I desire, Fuel economy, comfort, rwd, manual, tidy, not a subaru, and not cop magnet. With that said I also don't have any justification on spending loads. So after selling my last car I found this car on trademe, some real nice fella from invercargill has owned it for the last 20 odd years and has kept seat covers on it that entire time so seats are in pretty sweet condition no rips tears ciggy burns, non smoker car who has looked after it as much as possible. I believe he said he was a motorbike mechanic and so he has serviced it every 5000ks, It's a 1gfe thats been manual converted. has a few odd dints and what not but overall is pretty tidy especially interior. Pretty much everything is original in it still has tape deck but tape deck doesnt work sadly, So will be hopefully putting a headunit in in the next week or so, Jap import so still doesnt go past 90 on FM. bell rings if ya go any ks over 100. Has recently had all belts done, waterpump, Heads been machined, I'll probably put the trademe screenshot up as it says all of this. its got a bigger battery, bigger radiator that looks new as. Paid 3k for it which in my opinion was sweet. only down side to it is the passenger side door has been crashed into at some stage so it has been bogged up and the black trim is missing so looks odd(plan to replace as soon as i can find one) As soon as i work out how to put photos up I'll do that aswell. Plans for it- Tints, headunit, new 6s and 4s at some stage. Sub and amp. tidier rims that make it stand out a bit better but cheapo spec widened steelies or something. Probably try suss a nice wheel and gearstick soon it has a TRD stick at the moment but want something a bit more JDM like a katana or something that stands out. Lower it, I made a thread about this earlier have pretty much decided coilovers but still not 100% may go with king springs and shortened shocks with RCAs installed if I can sort that out so i dont have to piss around with cert. and a tasteful exhaust maybe but really not fussed at the moment. After that if I'm feeling game might try and suss a LSD for it but not sure and no rush. Will upload photos tomorow to tired tonight. If anyone has any parts available for GX81 please give me a PM..
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